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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 22

How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 22
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Explore the Rooms and Exits mysterious story with tough puzzles and brain teasers in every chapter. Help the journalist escape the mall in Chapter 1 No Honor Among Thieves finding hidden objects and solving puzzles as you go.

Chapter 1 level 22 sees our protagonist stuck in a shoe store with no way out until she can solve every puzzle and find the key. Read on to find out how to beat Rooms and Exits level 22.

Chapter 1 Level 22 Walkthrough

The shoe store you will be exploring has two rooms, each filled with the usual items you might need when you buy or sell shoes. There are shoes, seats, the cash register point, and the store room full of boxes. To finish each puzzle you will need to go between both rooms to find items and clues.

  • Tap on the drawers on the white display unit in the center in the room and take the Matches and Piece of Magnet
  • In another drawer there is a Pair of Pink Shoes
  • Towards the back of the room under the right side shoe display there are large drawers. Inside there is a Puzzle Box and a set of white and blue arrows
  • Use the Magnet to move the red arrows according to the white and blue arrows (3 Left, 2 Down)
  • Take the Green Shoes and Scissors
  • Tap the Gift Boxes and use the Scissors to open them
  • Grab the Blue Shoes
  • Tap the box under the seat next to the Gift Boxes
  • Complete the number puzzle on top of the box. The equation is A + B x A so the answer is 8 + 11 x 8 = 96
  • Take the Scroll from inside
  • Unravel the Scroll in your Bag using Dismantle

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  • Place the Shoes in the shoe rack and arrange them in pairs according to the information on the scroll
  • A Secret Store Room appears. Go through the door to see it is too dark to see. Return to the main store
  • Tap the large drawer on the left shoe racks to find Shoe Boxes. Arrange them according to the images at the bottom of the scroll
  • Remove the Electric Plug with no pins
  • Tap the large shoe display where the secret store room is and tap the Panel to the left
  • The numbered panel is a puzzle you must complete. The numbers on the side add up to each of the numbers along the top. Carefully draw a line to connect each left hand numbers to the top answer: (6 + 7 + 5 = 18), (11 + 20 = 31), (14 + 9 = 23)
  • Remove the Black Shoes and Dismantle them in your Bag to reveal two silver pins.
  • Combine the Pins with the Plug
  • Place the plug in the outlet beside the Shoe Rack in the left corner of the room
  • Tap the Cash Register and enter the numbers 2120, taken from the prices in the previous rack
  • The drawer opens for you to take a Candle and a Key
  • Go to your Bag and Combine Candle and Matches
  • Take the Lit Candle to the Secret Store Room
  • Tap around on the floor until the Candle is placed
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  • Find a Broom head in the Blue Bucket
  • Tap the Utility Area on the right of the room to collect a Red Dustpan
  • Tap the left hand shelves and find the China Pig and the Metal Handle
  • Combine the Broom Head and the Handle in your Bag, then Combine the Broom and the Red Dustpan
  • Grab the Hammer from beside the fire extinguisher by the door
  • Combine the Pig and the Hammer to get a Coin
  • Go back to the Main Room
  • Use the Broom and Dustpan to clear up the spilled Trash Can
  • Pick up the Note Paper left behind
  • Use the Coin in the Gumball Machine and collect the Drawer Knob
  • Place the Drawer Knob on the drawer that needs it at the back of the room
  • Open the drawer and collect the Pencil
  • Combine the Pencil and the Note Paper in your Bag to reveal a code
  • Head back to the Store Room and use the code on the Red Lockers
  • Tap to pick up a Card with shoe images from inside the door and match the soles to the shoes, and collect Laces
  • Tap the Maze on the floor and guide the flower through the maze to get the Running Shoe
  • Combine the Laces and the Running Shoe in your Bag
  • Place the Running Shoe on the stand with the other and take the Red Ticket
  • Go back to the Main Room and place the Red Ticket in the Exit Panel by the door on the left of the room
  • Escape!

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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 22


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