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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 15

How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 15
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Rooms and Exits is an escape room puzzle game with a mysterious story to explore. Chapter 1 No Honor Among Thieves sees Fiona, a curious journalist, stuck in the Mall. Perhaps she was locked in there by unknown assailants. Players must help her escape each store and make it to the exit by finding hidden clues and solving puzzles.

Chapter 1 level 15 sees our protagonist stuck in a restaurant with no way out until she can solve every puzzle. Read on to find out how to beat Rooms and Exits level 15, considered to be one of the hardest levels in this chapter.

Chapter 1 Level 15 Walkthrough

The restaurant you will be exploring has two rooms, each filled with the usual items you might need when you visit or work in a restaurant. There are tables and chairs in the main room and appliances in the kitchen. To finish each puzzle you will need to go between both rooms to find items and clues.

  • Tap the first table and get the Vase of Flowers
  • Open your Bag and select the flowers to Dismantle
  • The table near the purple curtains has Olives to collect
  • Another table has Meat to collect
  • Tap carefully on one of the tables to collect Seeds
  • On the counter there is a Fruit Bowl to get and a Poster shown above it
  • Take note of the color of the Drinks and the Prices on the poster
  • Tap the shelves behind the counter to grab a Handle
  • The cupboard behind the counter can be opened so you can collect Chocolate
  • Behind the plate of chocolate are images of drinks. Take note of the positions which correspond to the drinks prices on the wall: 6743
  • Tap the herbs behind the counter to collect a Chilli and Bay Leaf
  • Tap the Briefcase and use the code you discovered earlier: 6743. Collect the image

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  • Tap on the Ice Cream cabinet. Place each colored Fruit in your Bag on the right colored ice cream (Pink- Strawberry, Green- Kiwi, Orange- Orange, Yellow- Banana, Brown- Chocolate) and a drawer will open
  • Collect the Knife and Stover Knob from the drawer
  • Place the images of nuts and seeds on the gaps by the door in the right order: Sunflower Seed, Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Coconut
  • A section opens so use the code 18 to open the door and get the Key
  • Use the Key to open the Kitchen Door
  • The Kitchen is full of smoke so get the Handle from your Bag and attach it to the Window and tap to open
  • While you are there grab the Tongs from the rack by the Window
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  • Tap under the kitchen counter to get a Pizza Base
  • Tap beside the same counter to get the Step Ladder
  • The lower drawer in the counter has a Cheese Grater
  • The tap is not working so we have to tap the cupboard under to connect the pipes
  • The pipes must flow along the bottom and up through two paths to the top
  • Cupboards beside the refrigerator contain a Lid and a Container with Cheese inside
  • The Large Fridge on the left has arrow buttons. Tap these according to the directions that the fish are facing in the main room: Left, Up, Down, Left
  • Collect the Trophy
  • There is a jigsaw-type puzzle near the Large Fridge. Complete the puzzle to reveal another puzzle. this corresponds with the Medals in the previous room: Pie, Bread, Chef Hat, Pot, Bread, Cutlery, Chef Hat
  • Grab the Tomato
  • The Purple and Yellow handle locks correspond with the layers in the curtains in the main room: 4 + 2 Purple and 1 + 3 Yellow
  • Get the Onion and the Chicken
  • Go back to the Main Room
  • Use the Step Ladder to reach the Red Pot on the cupboard by the kitchen door in the main restaurant
  • Go back to the Kitchen and fill the Red Pot with water from the Sink. Collect the pot
  • Place the full Red Pot on the Stove Top. It needs to be filled with ingredients in the Recipe shown on the counter but first, we must find them all
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  • There is a Scoop hidden in a container by the Kitchen Door. Complete the puzzle to get to it (connect the dishes until it forms a sort of ring shape out of the images)
  • Head back into the Main Room and use the Scoop on the plants in the left corner of the room. Grab the Carrot
  • In your Bag, combine the Knife and the Chilli for chopped chillis
  • Combine the Tongs and the Container of Cheese to get to the cheese
  • Combine the Cheese and the Grater to get Grated Cheese
  • Go back to the Red Pot on the stove and fill it with Chicken, Bay Leaf, Carrot and Onion. Put the Lid on the pot and tap the stove knobs
  • Tap each knob until they read 7 and 45
  • The Lid will steam up and show the letters YZ
  • In your Bag combine Tomato and Pizza Base
  • Combine the Meat with the newly sauced Pizza Base
  • Do the same with the Chopped Chilli and then the Grated Cheese and Olives
  • Go to the Oven and place the Pizza inside. Close the oven door
  • Place the Knob where it belongs and turn on the Oven to reveal two more letters: AS
  • Head back to the Main Room and go to where you collected the herb and chill
  • Place the Trophy on the plinth that is on the counter
  • Change the letters on the plinth to YZAS to reveal a Key
  • Use the Key to unlock the door and escape!

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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 15


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