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Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories Chapter 1 Walkthrough
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Delve into the memories of the mysterious Alice and her uncle Colin, and discover what stories they have to tell. Find the hidden objects and solve puzzles to move through each chapter and find out more in this amazing adventure. Uncover every secret and solve every mystery in Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories with our handy walkthrough.

Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories Chapter 1 Guide

Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories has 9 chapters, each full of hidden items and clues to solve. If you are having trouble finding clues and figuring out what to do next, follow the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: The Hermit

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  • Find the razor in the sink
  • Open the backpack on the floor
  • Take the rope, book, and valve
  • Pick up the mug
  • Place the valve on the tap
  • Fill the mug with water
  • Splash water on Colin to wake him
  • Open the blue door
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  • Tap the area right of the cocktail bar
  • Take the roadside sign on the right
  • Check out the jacket nearby and take the capsule and pipe hidden inside
  • Pick up the seat and place it on the vehicle
  • Tap the door to the store and find the crowbar and bag of charcoal
  • Tap the green box on the cliffside
  • Use the pipe to charm the snake away from the box
  • Open the box and remove the pump and the jack
  • Use the jack to lift the vehicle
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  • Return to the previous area
  • Tap the space under the balcony on the right
  • Use the broken roadsign to lift the flat tire out
  • Tap the doorway covered in wooden boards
  • Use the crowbar on the wood-covered doorway
  • Go back to the broken vehicle
  • Place the flat tyre and use the pump
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  • Return to the previous area
  • Go into the now-uncovered doorway to play the hidden object puzzle and gain the knife
  • Return to the vehicle
  • Open the bag of charcoal with the knife
  • Put the charcoal in the back of the vehicle
  • Tap the vehicle to go
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  • Knock on the door
  • Take the butterfly
  • Take the stone by the water pump
  • Tap the hose to attach to the pump
  • Move the wooden boards and take another stone
  • Place the butterfly
  • Tap the tree place all three stones on the swing
  • Take the butterfly
  • Place the butterflies so they match the shapes
  • Go down to the cellar
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  • Tap the table
  • Move the recipe and take the key
  • Pick up the deer ornament and the knife
  • Use the knife to open the cardboard box
  • Take the snake ornament, bottle of acid, and hammer
  • Tap the ladder and use the key on the hatch
  • Play the hidden object puzzle to gain fruit
  • Use the hammer on the bolted door
  • Leave
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  • Match the plants
  • Pull up the final plant and cut off the root with the knife
  • Tap the door in the distance
  • Use the bottle of acid to remove the barnacles
  • Open the door and leave
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  • Tap the skeleton
  • Take the capsule
  • Tap the panel and solve the lock (3, 1, 2)
  • Remove the wasp ornament and the rope
  • Return to previous area
  • Tap the tree
  • Tie rope to the tree
  • Tap the rope and grab the saw
  • Go back through the door
  • Tap the tree and use the saw
  • Tap to remove the handwheel
  • Use the knife on the nest to remove honeycomb
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  • Return to the previous area
  • Tap the termite nests in the background
  • Place the honeycomb
  • Take the hidden part
  • Go back through the door
  • Tap the panel at the back
  • Place the part
  • Play the match-3 mini game
  • Take the syringe and tweezers
  • Return to the desert settlement area (back twice)
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  • Place the handwheel on the water pump and pull the lever
  • Tap the water tower
  • Take the lizard ornament and scythe
  • Go to the room
  • Tap the body
  • Use the tweezers on the scorpion
  • Go outside
  • Tap the cactus flowers and use the scythe
  • Go back to the room
  • Tap the table
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  • Place fruit, root, and cactus flower on the table
  • Use the knife on the root
  • Open the container with red lid
  • Put container, flower, fruit, root, and scorpion into glass
  • Heat the glass by turning the purple tap
  • Turn the red tap
  • Use the syringe on the antidote
  • Use the antidote on the body (Steve)

That’s everything that you need to do for Chapter 1. If you enjoyed that guide, be sure to check out Magnum Quest Hero Tier List.

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Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories Chapter 1 Walkthrough


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