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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 13

How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 13
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Rooms and Exits has an intriguing and mysterious story to explore through tough puzzles in every chapter. Chapter 1 No Honor Among Thieves sees a curious journalist stuck in the Mall, perhaps locked in there by unknown assailants. Your job is to make your way through each shop to the exit by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles as you go.

Chapter 1 level 13 sees our protagonist stuck in a pet shop with no way out until she can solve every puzzle. Read on to find out how to beat Rooms and Exits level 13.

Chapter 1 Level 13 Walkthrough

The pet shop you will be exploring has two rooms, each filled with the usual items you might need when you adopt an animal. There are toys on a shelf, fish tanks, and bags of pet food in the first room, and huge sacks of pet food in the second room. To finish each puzzle you will need to go between both rooms to find items and clues.

  • Tap the blue bucket by the double doors to find a crumpled piece of paper. It is now in your Bag
  • Tap on your Bag and select the paper
  • Tap Dismantle to see images of animals drawn on the paper. Take note of the directions the animals are facing (R, R, L, L, R, L)
  • Tap the Shelves behind the till. Look at the Clock and take note of the coloured hands.
  • Also see the toys on the shelves sing different notes when tapped. This will come up later
  • Tap the Drawer under the Pet Cages
  • There are two arrows and two lights. Tap the Right button twice and then the Left button twice. Next, tap the Right button once and then the Left button once.
  • Tap the drawer handle and it will open.
  • Collect the Rodent Food and Water Feeder. They are now in your Bag
  • Select the Large Rodent Cage
  • The rat wheels must point in the same direction as the Clock hands you previously saw. Go to your Bag and select your Rodent Food. Feed the rodents and see the cages moving until the get to the right placements.
  • Grab the Scissors. They are now in your Bag.
  • Use the Scissors to cut the rope tying together the double door handles and access the Second Room

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  • Enter the Second Room
  • Look to the right of the open door and tap on the Boxes on the second shelf down
  • Behind the boxes is a Panel. Tap on it to reveal colored buttons.
  • The colored buttons correspond with the giant colored sacks of pet food. Tap each button as per the no. of colored sacks: 4 Orange, 8 Green, 6 Red, 9 Blue, 6 Yellow
  • Collect the Tap. It is now in your Bag
  • Select the Tap and fix it to the broken basin to the left of the room
  • Fill the Water Feeder with water from the tap
  • Tap the green cloth to uncover an Animal Cage
  • Place the Water Feeder in the cage
  • The bird will sing a tune- take note of the notes!
  • Go back to Room 1 and tap on the Shelves
  • Tap on each Toy so they sing the same song the bird was singing: Hippo, Elephant, Monkey, Pink Donkey, Black Bird.
  • The shelves move slightly so you can grab the handy Tool
  • Go to your Bag and select the Tool. Tap Dismantle
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  • Head back to Room 2
  • Tap the Box you moved to the floor
  • Use the Tool to open the box and collect the Key and read the Fish Book.
  • Do the Math Equation on the final page to get the right temperatures in Celsius
  • Use the Key on the yellow Animal Carrier
  • Collect the Power Adapter
  • Go back to Room 1
  • Tap the Small Fish Tank and fit the Power Adapter
  • Set the temperatures to move the fish: 43.3, 4.4, 26.7, 37.8, 11.7
  • Collect the Treasure Chest and Dismantle in your Bag to get your Key
  • Use the Key on the Exit Door and escape!

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How to beat Rooms and Exits Level 13


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