How to Beat Riddle School 5 – Walkthrough and Guide

Riddle School 5 Walkthrough

If you’re a fan of challenging riddles and puzzles with a comedic twist, Riddle School 5 is the game for you. Created by Jonochrome, this point-and-click puzzle game makes you play as a student stuck in a weird school created by aliens to monitor children. Your goal is to try to free your friends and escape school by solving various mind-boggling and funny puzzles. In this guide, we will help you beat Riddle School 5.

Riddle School 5 Walkthrough

This Riddle School 5 walkthrough contains spoilers related to the game. We suggest following this guide if you get stuck somewhere. Riddle School is at its most entertaining when played without spoilers.

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Follow this step-by-step guide to beat Riddle School 5:

1) Leaving the room

Riddle School 5 - 1

At first, your goal is to leave the room. Click under the bed and pick up the alien coin. Now, click on the vent and use the coin on three screws to unscrew them and remove the vent lid. Remember to pick up all three screws, as we will need them later. Use the vent to leave

2) Use the tile device

Riddle School 5 - 2

After leaving the vent, click on the tile device in the big room. Think of the tiles as a phone keypad and press 6 8 3 3 7 2 5 4 7 accordingly. Then, click on the arrow above the tile machine to enter the green portal.

3) Exploring the rooms in the green portal

Riddle School 5 - 3

There are three rooms in the green portal. Go to the leftmost room in the green portal labeled SUBJECT #7272. Enter the room and pick up the card lying on the ground. Then, go to the flower room and pick up the tray and flower pot. Fill the tray with dirt on the floor. That’s all you have to do in this room.

Now, enter the room labeled SUBJECT #1831. Hover your mouse on the room’s right wall to find an entry to the secret room. Get the steak from the secret room and leave the room now.

4) Go to the right side of the big room and enter the orange portal

Riddle School 5 - 4

Enter the rightmost room at the end of the orange portal labeled SUBJECT #6553. Check under the bed to find the fourth screw. Leave the room and go to Life-Transferring Station. Repair the power panel by clicking on it and inserting all four screws. On the left side of the machine, place the flower pot. Then, combine the steak and dirt tray and put it on the right side. Click on the green arrow button to create a living steak.

5) Go back to the left side of the big room

Riddle School 5 - 5

After creating a living steak, leave the Life-Transferring Station and return to the left side of the big room. Place the key card on the key card scanner to unlock the door to your room.

6) Trap the monster

Riddle School 5 - 6

Enter your room and drop the living steak in the vent. Now, leave your room and switch on the statue to go invisible. The monster will fly into your room. Then, use the key card scanner to lock the door. Go to the right side of the big room and enter the room previously guarded by the monster.

7) Enter Zack’s dream

Riddle School 5 - 7

Enter 6553 on the machine’s numpad to enter Zack’s dream. In Zack’s dream, get the four quarters and give them to Phred to receive a whistle. Use this whistle and click on Zach to end his dream

8) Enter Smiley’s dream

Riddle School 5- 8

Enter 1831 on the numpad to enter Smiley’s dream. In this dream, take the ruler and click won the globe twice to get a gum. Stick the gum to the ruler and use it in the vent to get a rubber band. Throw the rubberband at the teacher and talk to Smiley. Then, click again on Smiley to end the dream.

9) Enter Phred’s dream

Riddle School 5 - 9

Enter 7272 on the numpad to enter Phred’s dream. Click on the note on Mr. Munch’s desk. Then, ask Phred if he wants to wear your sweatshirt. Then, click on the thermostat to lower the temperature. Then, ask the same question to Phred again, to which he will agree. Then, click on anything in the room to end the dream.

10) Talk to your friends and escape using escape pod

Riddle School 5 - 12

After waking up your friends, go to their rooms and talk to them. Go to the escape pod room and click on the escape pod.

11) Get the key

Riddle School 5 - 11

In the escape pod, click on the code desk and press the first button one time, the second button four times, the third button three times, the fourth button five times, and the fifth button two times. Take the key and also get the toothpaste near the sink. Use the alien screw to unscrew the faucet and take it.

Use the yellow tile device. Consider it a numpad and enter 7 6 2 2 9 5 1 4 4 6 3 2 8 7. Then, click on the left statue to go upside down. Use the light screen and click on all circles in middle-row, the second circle in the first row, and the top two circles in the third row. Now, click on the left button in the back of the room to teleport to the ground.

12) Rest of the puzzle

Riddle School 5- 12

Use the toothpaste to fix the broken mug by completing a simple puzzle. Then, combine the mug and faucet and use it to collect lava. Activate the right statue and use the lava on the wooden board. Now, click on the access panel and use the key to close the lava pool. Use the right button in the back of the room to teleport to the ground. Use the sheep wheel to complete the game, finally.

Without a walkthrough, it might take a long time to beat Riddle School 5. If you have questions about Riddle School 5, feel free to ask in the comments!

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How to Beat Riddle School 5 – Walkthrough and Guide


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