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How to Beat Riddle School 3 – Walkthrough Guide

How to Beat Riddle School 3 – Walkthrough Guide
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Riddle School 3 is the third installment from the famous point-and-click adventure flash game by JonBro. In this game, players take the role of Phil Eggtree and have to use their wits to find a way to leave Riddle Highschool. The puzzles in Riddle School 3 can be tricky and may leave you scratching your head. If you need help beating Riddle School 3, follow this walkthrough to solve all puzzles in the game.

Riddle School 3 Walkthrough

1) Leaving Mr. Soggy’s classroom

Riddle School 3 - 1
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As the game begins, we find Phil sitting in Mr. Soggy’s classroom. Click on the ruler to pick it up. Then, click on the globe twice to spin it. Pick the pink gum on the globe. Combine gum with the ruler and use it in the air vent to get a rubber band. Throw the rubber band at Mr. Soggy’s face to knock off his glasses. Pick up his glasses and leave the room.

Now, our goal is to collect cents and pennies until we have a dollar.

2) Collecting five pennies

Collecting five penny
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You can find the first penny on the hallway floor outside Mr. Soggy’s room. Go to the left side of the hallway and pick up the coin outside the Women’s room. The third cent is at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway. Go up the stairs and then go left to find anyone penny near the window outside Mr. Flask’s room. Now, go to the rightmost side of the upper floor to find the final penny under the carrot poster.

3) Pick Quarter under Janitor’s chair

Janitor fixing toilet
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Go to the Men’s room and then use the toilet paper in the stall and flusher to clog up the toilet. The janitor will come running to fix the toilet, meaning his room should be empty. Go back to his closet on the upper floor and pick up the quarter under his chair.

4) Pick up the Nickel from your locker

Your closet
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All lockers are locked in Riddle School 3 except yours. Open the first yellow locker on the rightmost side of the upper floor and collect 5 cents from it.

5) Get the Nickel in the Teacher’s Lounge

Talk to Richy, who is locked in a closet on the upper floor. After talking with him, go to the Teacher’s Lounger and tell Mrs. Oddverb about Richy. Click on “He’s stuck in his locker. His combination is in your class.” and then “Yes.” After teachers leave the lounge, click on the middle drawer and pick up the 5 cents.

5) Quarter from Richy

Free Richy
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Go to Mrs. Oddverb’s classroom and pick up the locker’s password from the desk. The paper says BLOBBLES, but Phil reads it upside-down. The correct password is 53788078. Enter the password and free Richy to get a quarter. Before leaving, Richy will tell you about his new button-collecting hobby.

6) Dime in the Supply Closet

First, go to Library and give Mr. Soggy’s glasses to Mr. Read to obtain a free bookmark. Stick the free bookmark to the gum on the scale. Use this new combo to get the dime on top of the shelf in the Supply Closet.

7) Get another quarter from Richy by trading the button

Talk to Richy
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Go to Miss Count’s room and pick up the hidden keyboard button in the pile of monkey dolls. Now, enter Miss Flask’s room and insert the keyboard button into the machine to make a new button. Remember to pick up the button. Go to Mrs. Oddverb’s class and give him the button to get another quarter.

8) Leaving the school

Beating Riddle School
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Now, you have a dollar and can buy pudding from the cafeteria. Give the pudding to Chubb to make him leave the door to Office. Talk to Mr. Mooses and say, “I was sent here to see Mr. Potato.” and then, “I’m awesome.” Get the key from Mr. Potato’s desk and use it to leave the school.

That’s it! You have completed Riddle School 3. While you are here, check out the Riddle School 5 walkthrough.

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How to Beat Riddle School 3 – Walkthrough Guide


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