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How To Beat Return Of The Mega Cube: Star Trek Fleet Command

How To Beat Return Of The Mega Cube: Star Trek Fleet Command

The Return Of The Mega Cube is an event that takes place every few months. You will be utilizing your Vi’dar to gather borg-style goodies in this borg-based event. It lasts for three days, with some activities lasting the entire period of the event, and others just for a day. On this page you can find information about how to clear the event.

You must carefully consider your game strategy for the event. Although most players don’t prioritize ranking on the leaderboard, it is nevertheless recommended that you make every effort to go up it. This is due to the fact that the top 200 players in each phase will get rewarding prizes.

You have to perform a different job each day in order to move up the scoreboard. You must, among other things, acquire officer shards, eliminate Borg Armadas, and use Borg Directives.

Player Directives should be saved. This is due to the fact that 10 Directives are required to start an Armada attack. You have essentially finished the event if you successfully launch the attack and eliminate the enemy.

Players must eliminate Borg Armadas during the event to get points and prizes. It is recommended to use disruptors or cannons on the Mega Cube, however, players should stay away from tractor beams.

Crew Captain

Players should choose Officer Nine of Eleven as the crew’s captain. According to her captain’s ability, she reduces the opponent’s likelihood of dealing a critical hit by 10% when they are facing a Borg ship. But bear in mind that only when she is the ship’s captain does this come into play.

It is advised that you employ the Armada’s weakest ship if you are a low level STFC player because doing so eliminates the Armada’s critical chance.

First Day

The first day of the event is rather easy. Basically, all you have to do is destroy borg probes, and depending on your Vi’dar level, you can do it very quickly. Two more events will be underway, but you shouldn’t try to take part in them just yet because they will span for three days and require you to kill armadas, which you must do on day three of a 24-hour event. Therefore, in order to benefit from both at once, you should postpone making your directives until that time.

Second Day

Here, you gain access to a 24-hour recruit solo leaderboard. If you intend to participate in the next armada SLB, this provides you with several armada directions to aid in your preparation for the following day.

Get your Vi’dar ready and go kill some probes because you still have the SMS (Live Target Practice) for killing probes.

Third Day

As there is an armada SMS to go along with the ALB and SLB, you may now do borg armadas here. Another event offers 10 mega cube directives in exchange for 10 mega cube directives spent. As a result, even if you are unable to beat the mega cube, you should still attempt it for ALB points.


  • First Arrival: Kill scouts and then open the chest.
  • Second Arrival: Eliminate Borg probes. One probe kill equals one point. You are going to need 25.
  • Third Arrival: Refine inert Nano Probes.
  • Fourth Arrival: Alliance contribution. One point per help.

Where to find Scouts

The weaker ones can be found in Thama (Fed), Eeli (Kling), or Unroth (Rom). They only sometimes spawn, however they are always interceptors and move quicker than other spacecraft. In these systems, you can eliminate hostiles to hasten the spawning of one.

That’s all for our Return Of The Mega Cube: Star Trek Fleet Command Guide. Keep in mind that this event requires you to have a Vi’dar in your possession. Otherwise, you’ll be locked out of the content.

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How To Beat Return Of The Mega Cube: Star Trek Fleet Command


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