Plundernauts is an exciting new space combat game for iOS that’s packing a lot of hidden depth. In fact, it is so in-depth that you might be willing to shell out a couple bucks for a little boost to your treasure pile in order to afford that sleek and shiny new starship. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun though, as we are here to share with you a couple tips and tricks on how to beat Plundernauts without spending money!

We have already shared a general strategy guide that you can find here. That guide will aid you on your epic space quest, but if that’s not enough, read on to find out how to get through Plundernauts without spending any real money and keep your gold and antimatter reserves high!


1. Avoid using antimatter to refuel your reactor or speed the shop up!

Antimatter is the game’s precious premium currency, and it should not be wasted on refueling your reactor. Be patient! Your reactor gains an energy charge every 15 minutes, which isn’t that long. Don’t use antimatter to speed up the shop inventory either, as it costs 10 to do so, and there’s no guarantee that there will be anything good. Besides, you want to wait for your planets to accumulate more plunder, which happens over time and takes a couple hours. Why not play another game or see what customization options you have for your ship while you wait? It’s okay to use it to speed up the forge though, as that usually only costs 1-3 antimatter.

2. Complete as many bounties as you can!

Bounties are fixed optional objectives that net you sweet, sweet Antimatter. Complete these as much as you can to rack in antimatter. You will accomplish most of them without even trying,  because you’ll do them naturally as you progress through the game. Note that there are also daily bounties that reward you gold instead of antimatter. You should try to do these too as gold is just as useful as antimatter is.

3. Maintain complete planetary dominance!

Conquer as many planets as you can because, as mentioned before, planets under your control will generate gold overtime, but the gold must be collected. Be sure to check in every so often as planets can only hold a certain maximum amount of gold. You can check what it is by looking up the planet’s info. This is an invaluable source of income early on in the game, and it only gets bigger and bigger as you progress. Keep in mind though, your planets will occasionally be assaulted by enemy pirates and you must fight them off or risk losing the planet and the plunder that comes with it!

4. Need extra gold? Sell off old or scavenged parts!

As you make your way through the galaxy and fight off enemy ships, you’ll eventually start getting parts that you don’t need. If you don’t want to use them in forge to try making a new and better part, sell it off for some quick and easy cash!

5. Play through the game!

Despite it being the game’s premium currency, Plundernauts isn’t too stingy when it comes to handing out antimatter. Case in point, you are rewarded a bit of antimatter every time you defeat an enemy pirate, which is what you do to progress through the game! So in general, don’t spend your antimatter on the time-based options, such as your energy reactor and the shop inventory. Instead, you should only spend it in on new crew members and starships.

So these are the most important tips and trick to get through Plundernauts without spending any real money. Know any other important or useful tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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