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How to Beat Painter Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans

How to Beat Painter Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans
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Supercell has introduced a new challenge, the Painter Queen Challenge, to Clash of Clans following the Painter King Challenge as part of the Colorfest event. By participating in this challenge, players can utilize the newly added Painter Queen skin and experience Painter scenery included in the season pass. The Painter Queen challenge features a maxed Townhall 15 base and is one of the most difficult challenges as any players have been struggling to beat it. This guide will help beat the Painter Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans: Painter Queen Challenge Guide

Image via Clash of Clans | Credit: TouchTapPlay

In Painter Queen Challenge, you will have to use a combination of Queen charge with powerful air troops such as Dragons, Dragon Riders, and more. Here are all the troops and spells you get to use in Painter Queen Challenge:

  • 4 Barbarians
  • 1 Giant
  • 1 Super Goblin
  • 3 Super Wall Breaker
  • 5 Balloons
  • 5 Healers
  • 4 Dragons
  • 1 Electro Dragon
  • 3 Dragon Riders
  • 2 Minions
  • 1 Flame Flinger (with 1 Archer, 3 Rocket Balloons, and 1 Dragon Rider)
  • Level 85 Archer Queen
  • 4 Rage spells
  • 3 Freeze spells
  • 1 Invisibility spell
  • 2 Poison spells

Now, let’s discuss the plan to destroy the Townhall 15 base in Painter Queen Challenge. First, you must trigger the traps in front of elixir storages using 3 Barbarians. Then, drop a Sneaky Goblin near the gold mine in front of air defense at the bottom right side of the base.

Drop one Rage spell with an Electro Dragon next to the gold mine. The raged Electro Dragon will wreck the entire Inferno tower section. With the funnel now ready, we can begin the Queen charge. Deploy the Archer Queen with healers behind in the bottom of the base. Use a Poison spell to help Archer Queen kill enemy troops spawned by traps.

Clash of Clans Painter Queen
Image via Clash of Clans

While your Queen pushes towards the Townhall, deploy the Flame Flinger on the bottom left side. This siege machine will take down the left scattershot and move upwards on the left side of the base.

When the Archer Queen takes down the right scattershot, drop a Giant to lure the enemy’s clan castle troops. Instantly use a Rage spell on the Archer Queen and Healers and a Poison spell on clan castle troops. After clan castle troops die out, your Queen will have to face the Townhall and Monolith. Invest your Rage and Freeze spells to take down both defenses.

Running low on time is a common problem in the Painter Queen challenge. Drop two Minions and a Barbarian on elixir storage to start clearing extra buildings. Use your Super Wall Breakers to push Archer Queen into the core of the base. Use your Queen’s ability when she comes in contact with defending Queen.

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Finally, deploy your Balloons, followed by Dragons and Dragon Riders from the top right side of the base. Spread out your Dragons to make sure no building is left behind. Use your Invisibility spell when your Queen or troops are taking a lot of damage. If your siege machine is still up and running, break it to let clan castle troops help clean up.

Even following all these steps, beating the Painter Queen Challenge can take multiple retries. We recommend following the above video tutorial by Clash of Clans YouTuber Judo Sloth Gaming to see how to beat the Painter Queen challenge.

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How to Beat Painter Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans


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