How to Beat Overgrown Ancient Mythic – WoW: Dragonflight Boss Guide

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If you’re exploring the Mythic Algath’ar Academy dungeon in WoW: Dragonflight, you may have encountered Overgrown Ancient and died—several times. This boss is quite challenging on this difficulty level, so you probably need all the help you can get to finally defeat it.

In this WoW: Dragonflight guide, we will show you how to beat Overgrown Ancient on Mythic without much effort, so let’s dive in.

How Does Overgrown Ancient Attack?

To plan your strategy better, you should know the mechanics of Overgrown Ancient’s attacks. It starts with Bark Breaker, which increases all physical damage by 100% for 9 seconds. If that’s not bad enough, the next attack, Germinate, knocks you back and inflicts moderate damage if you’re caught in the whirlpools that show up around the boss and spawn Hungry Lashers. They don’t do anything at this point, but if you leave them unattended, you will be sorry soon.

After Germinate, Overgrown Ancient uses Burst Forth, which brings a lot of damage and wakes up dormant Hungry Lashers to life, and they attack with the nasty Lasher Toxin.

The next in line is Branch Out, a large whirlpool cast before another wave of Germinate that also deals heavy damage and spawns another tree (Ancient Branch), which will try to heal the Overgrown Ancient every 8 seconds and inflict melee damage. On Mythic, there’s also a bleed called Splinterbark.

Afterward (if you’re still alive), you will need to deal with another wave of Germinate and Burst Forth, and then, the boss repeats all these attacks in the same pattern.

How to Beat Overgrown Ancient on Mythic in WoW: Dragonflight

Rule number one for this battle is—stay close together as a group to kill the spawns easier and as fast as possible before they awaken. While you’re doing that, make sure to keep avoiding the swirls and avoid unnecessary damage. You can also use the Shocking Disclosure potion for uncapped AoE damage in a radius of 15 yards for 30 seconds to finish the job faster.

Healers should make sure that everyone is topped before each Burst Forth since it causes significant damage. Tanks should use defensive cooldowns right before this attack goes off.

Another life-saving tip is to focus on eliminating Ancient Branch when it spawns to prevent healing the boss, but also because it leaves a healing circle that works on the boss and everyone else in it. You will want to stand in this circle because it also eliminates the Splinterbark bleed. In case the dead Ancient Branch’s circle is not enough, use Cauterizing Flame or Blessing of Protection to counter the bleed.

And that concludes our guide to defeating Overgrown Ancient on Mythic in WoW: Dragonflight. Even with knowing the mechanics, you may find this boss quite challenging, so make sure to have a well-coordinated group and excellent healers. Let us know if this strategy worked for you and check out our other WoW: Dragonflight guides, including How to Gear Up and Improve Item Level and How to Beat The Nokhud Offensive: Founders Keepers Quest.

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How to Beat Overgrown Ancient Mythic – WoW: Dragonflight Boss Guide


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