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After you reach the maximum level of 70 in WoW: Dragonflight, you will probably want to focus on gearing up and improving your item level, especially if you wish to get into Season 1 dungeons of the highest caliber.

We present you our guide on how to gear up and improve item level in WoW: Dragonflight so that you can do that as fast as possible and without any wasted effort.

Use the Profession System to Craft Your Gear

Once you reach profession skill 50, you will be able to craft level 343 gear, which is quite a good improvement considering that most players reach level 70 with 310-320 level items. While some crafted pieces start at a significantly lower level (306), you can use the upgrade Matrix to bring that level up. With Titan Training Matrix III or IV, you can increase that level to 369 or even 382.

Furthermore, you may want to start obtaining Sparks of Ingenuity (you can get the first one from the Valdrakken questline) and Primal Chaos to craft high-level gear that can be upgraded to level 392, depending on your skills and items.

If you just can’t bother with professions, make use of the Crafting Order system and see if you can get other players to craft items you want for you.

Get High-Level Gear From World Quests

While World Quests are more rare in Dragonflight than in previous expansions, they give you more time to complete them. The rewards for completing World Quests depend on your item level, but you can find some 350- or 363-level gear this way.

Use the Good Old Dungeons

Dragonflight comes with Normal, Heroic, and Mythic dungeons that drop gear of the corresponding level in the following manner:

  • Normal dungeons—level 346 gear
  • Heroic dungeons—level 359 gear
  • Mythic dungeons—level 372 gear

Dungeons can be a great source of gear if you don’t have the patience for crafting and professions. Still, while Normal dungeons don’t have a required item level, you will need to level up to at least 342 for Heroic dungeons if you intend to use the Dungeon Finder.

It’s worth considering doing some crafting first and then moving on to Heroic and Mythic dungeons for even higher-level gear. This combination of doing dungeons and crafting makes a lot of sense considering that Mythic dungeons can drop level-four Matrix upgrade items as well.

Gear Up via PvP Activities

Dragonflight introduced a new item-level system for PvP, with several sources of gear that you can use, including:

  • War Mode gear
  • Trophy of Strife gear

You can get War Mode gear for Bloody Tokens at level 408 in PvP (or 366 in PvE). Bloody Tokens are obtainable through PvP World, War Mode Supply Crates, or War Mode World Quests.

Now that Season 1 has started, you can also obtain Trophies of Strife through weekly quests and use them to upgrade your PvP gear to level 421.

That concludes the basics of gearing up and improving item level in WoW: Dragonflight. In case you need more Dragonflight help, check out some of our other articles, including How to Get Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler or How to Beat The Nokhud Offensive: Founders Keepers Quest.

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How to Gear Up and Improve Item Level – WoW: Dragonflight Guide


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