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How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

The remastered version of Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch and PC brings back a memory of this game and a desire to experience it again. In this article, we will tell you how to beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal. In the Persona 5 remaster, the tactics of fighting Okumura have slightly changed, and the duel has become more interesting. So, if you do not know how to beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal, this guide will be useful for you!

Okumura Boss Fight – How to Defeat Okumura?

Persona 5 Royal

Most of the battle is about eliminating various enemies, while the main target remains relatively invulnerable. To beat the boss, you will have to go through 6 consecutive waves of enemies. The optimal team for the Okumura boss fight would be Morgana, Haru, and Ryuji. This team is more than enough to beat Okumura. However, beating the boss on the first try is almost impossible.

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It is better to keep all of the AoE attacks for the main boss. The timer for this battle is 30 minutes. On the first wave, you will face corporobos that always attack one of your partners. On the second, cognitive Haru will appear, capable of strengthening enemy units. On the third, MDL-AM units appear, so you need to try to use Makoto or Ryuji to deal with them. 

Haru has an effective 3-hit combo that takes a lot of opponents’ HP. On the fourth wave, MDL-DM will appear, having resistance to most skills. However, they have is a significant vulnerability to the wind. On the fifth and sixth waves, it remains to defeat all the creatures that are resistant to physical damage. Finishing off Cognitive Haru is not difficult, but after his self-destruction, the group can take significant damage. Therefore, take care of replenishing the HP to the maximum in advance.

To conclude, after this guide, you should understand how to beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal. Take some notes, try a few times, and you will definitely beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal.

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How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal


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