How to Beat Obsidion in Maximus 2

How to Beat Obsidion in Maximus 2

Obsidion is the last career boss in Maximus 2. Fighting this boss is the last stage of Emperor’s Castle. To be honest, it’s the hardest boss in the game, so, to beat it you should be well prepared. However, you have to be not only prepared but to beat the Obsidion you have to be skilled enough.

How to Dodge Obsidion in Maximus 2

You need to understand that dodging the boss is as necessary as dealing the damage. The point is that bosses have a smashing attack power, so, if you won’t move, you will die soon. 

The hardest thing in dodging Obsidion is that the boss can teleport with an unpredictable trajectory. Also, it can spread fire circles which deals a lot of damage to the character. So, you have to jump as much as possible if you want to dodge Obsidion.

How to Kill Obsidion in Maximus 2

Generally, the better weapons you have, the easier it is to kill the boss for you. When you fight this boss, you will have too little time to do attacks and deal the damage. Also, the more kicks you do, the more energy you get, and when the energy bar is filled up you can perform a powerful magic attack. Therefore, you need to aim your weapon set at attack speed. Even if you will use the epic weapon despite being legendary, use it.

That’s all you need to know to beat the Obsidion. Hope you will win the fight by sticking to the guide.

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How to Beat Obsidion in Maximus 2


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