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How to Beat Lady Carina in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

How to Beat Lady Carina in Roblox Arcane Odyssey
Arcane Odyssey (Image credit: Vetex)

Arcane Odyssey features several infuriating bosses, and Lady has to rank among the most challenging, thanks to her skilled martial arts, magical abilities, and regenerative powers.

Her unique skill set and combat style can make defeating her a daunting task, but with the right strategy, it’s possible to emerge victorious. Here’s how to beat Lady Carina and progress through Arcane Odyssey.

Roblox Arcane Odyssey Lady Carina Guide

Lady Carina is one of the major bosses of Arcane Odyssey. After defeating General Argos, players will face her on Shining Plains on the eastern side of Ravenna island. She has a max health of 2500 and puts up a two-phased boss fight. Lady Carina is infamous among players for her annoying health regeneration and powerful attacks.

Here are all the attacks of Lady Carina in Arcane Odyssey:

  • Crash: charges towards the target to deal damage
  • Shockwave Slashes: three consecutive slashes when the target is still or nearby, dealing 30 damage each
  • Tornado Kick: stuns and deals damage
  • Pummel Slam: spams punches and stuns the target by slamming them
  • Regeneration: restore 7 HP every second during the second phase only
  • Flash Slam: teleports and deals damage in the second phase only

Lady Carina’s martial arts prowess and regenerative powers make her a formidable opponent in Arcane Odyssey. Her combo-based melee attacks can deal significant damage, so players are advised to use ranged attacks to avoid getting hit. However, this is easier said than done, as Lady Carina is extremely mobile and can close distances quickly. To counter this, it’s important to maintain a safe distance from Lady Carina and use long-range magic attacks such as Lightning Blast or Thunderstorm.

While having a higher level can certainly give you an advantage in the battle against Lady Carina, it’s not necessarily a requirement for victory. Instead of relying solely on level, maximize your damage output using your strongest spells and abilities. Consider equipping gear that enhances your magic and melee damage, and bring along any helpful potions or food items.

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If you find that Lady Carina’s regenerative powers are too much to handle alone, consider teaming up with other players or friends. With multiple targets for Lady Carina to focus on, you may easily avoid her attacks and deal damage. Remember that Lady Carina’s attacks are all single-target, so if you team up, coordinate your attacks and avoid getting in each other’s way.

Once you have defeated Lord Carina, you will have a 14% chance of getting one piece from Ravenna Apostle set. It is one of the best sets in Roblox Arcane Odyssey and makes fighting Lady Carina worth it.

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How to Beat Lady Carina in Roblox Arcane Odyssey


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