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Best Armor and Accessories in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Best Armor and Accessories in Roblox Arcane Odyssey
Arcane Odyssey (Image credit: Vetex)

Arcane Odyssey is an exciting and popular Roblox game where you explore a vast open world filled with perilous islands and dangerous enemies. While exploring the adventurous world of Arcane Odyssey, you are bound to go against powerful boss monsters that will put your skills and gear to the test. Many players prefer to get the best gear to help them breeze through the toughest enemies. In this guide, we will talk about the best armor and accessories in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

Roblox Arcane Odyssey: What are the Best Armor and Accessories

In Roblox Arcane Odyssey, players can build their character according to their favorite playstyle. Defeating bosses is the primary means of obtaining the top-tier armors and accessories in Arcane Odyssey. Here are some of the best armor and accessories in Roblox Arcane Odyssey:

3) Ravenna Apostle Set

Ravenna Apostle
Ravenna Apostle (Image via YouTube Vathon)

Lady Carina is one of the most powerful bosses in Roblox Arcane Odyssey. Defeating her will give you a chance to obtain Ravenna Apostle Set. Ravenna Apostle set includes:

  • Ravenna Apostle Gi (chestplate)
  •  Ravenna Apostle Leggings
  •  Ravenna Apostle Bracelets
  •  Ravenna Apostle Faulds
  •  Ravenna Apostle Pauldrons (Accessory)

It is important to note that the drop rate for the Ravenna Apostle set is quite low, with a 1/7 chance of getting any drop from Lady Carina. This means that players will need to defeat her multiple times before they have a chance to obtain the entire set. It provides a decent amount of Power and Attack Speed.

2) Lion of Ravenna Set

 Lion of Ravenna Set
Image via TouchTapPlay

Lion of Ravenna is an armor set obtainable by defeating the boss General Argos. This set provides lots of Defense and Intensity. Defense stat increases your overall max HP and HP regeneration, while Intensity boosts your magical prowess. Lion of Ravenna works best for players aiming for Paladin, Warlock, or Conjurer build.

The Lion of Ravenna set includes a helmet, chessplate, and leggings. It doesn’t feature an accessory like other sets dropped by bosses in Arcane Odyssey.

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1) Ravenna Fallen King Set

Ravenna Fallen King is arguably the best set in Roblox Arcane Odyssey. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to obtain as you will have to farm King Calvus IV. He has a meager 10% chance of dropping an item from the Ravenna Fallen King set.

In this set, you will find armor, boosts, and two accessories – The Lost Crown of Ravenna and Mantello of Ravenna’s Fallen King. Each item will boost your Attack, Attack Size, and Agility.

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Acquiring a complete set of armor in Roblox Arcane Odyssey can be challenging, as it requires significant time and effort to gather all the necessary pieces. However, if you don’t have the time or patience for this, you can try mixing and matching different armor pieces and accessories to create a complete set that suits your playstyle.

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Best Armor and Accessories in Roblox Arcane Odyssey


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