How to Beat Jump Box In Pixel Gun 3D

How to Beat Jump Box In Pixel Gun 3D

When people talk about the Pixel Gun 3D game, most players think of a game with pixel art and battle royale mode. In some regard, they are right, but at the same time not entirely. The game has not only multiplayer, but also the single-player mode “Campaign”, which is in no way inferior, and in some aspects even surpasses the royal battle mode. The company has several worlds and in each of them, you will need to go through several unique levels. In this article, we will talk about one of the levels of the Virtual World, namely the Jump Box, and also tell you how to get through it.

How to Beat Jump Box In Pixel Gun 3D

Jump Box is the fourth level of the Virtual World and to pass it you need to complete parkour within the allotted time.

Enemies that you will meet during the passage:

  • Tiger
  • Alligator
  • Hippopotamus
  • Yellow Peashooter

Tips for completing the Jump Box level:

  • Try not to get hit by lasers as they are deadly.
  • The main thing is to get to the control points that are every 2-3 platforms because even if you die, you will appear at the control point that you managed to run to.
  • To get to the higher platforms, don’t forget to use the jump pads.
  • The platforms are narrower than they appear at first glance, so be careful not to fall out off the map.
  • Remember to look up, as there may also be lasers or spikes that can kill you.
  • For passing, we recommend using the Antivirus and the Disconnector weapon, as with this you can easily deal with local enemies.
  • Also, if you have little health, we advise you to get to the nearest checkpoint and kill yourself, because after death you will fully restore your health.
  • Also, if possible, use Flash drive’s superior speed to quickly pass the level, as well as successfully defeat all enemies.

We hope that this article was useful for you and now you can easily pass this level.

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How to Beat Jump Box In Pixel Gun 3D


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