How to Beat Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion

Isaac frost
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Boxing games are popular because they allow players to experience the thrill of fighting in the ring. In fact, even Roblox have a boxing game of their own. One of the best boxing games out there is Electronic Arts’ Fight Night Champion.

In the game, the player will face Isaac Frost, the main antagonist who is also considered one of the most difficult opponents to defeat. This article will provide tips and techniques to take him down. 

Tips for Rounds 1-2: Focus On Your Survival

Images via EA Sports

In these rounds, your main focus is to survive, do not try to fight him head-on, as you cannot knock him out in these rounds. Don’t be greedy. Listen to what Gus says and get in some body shots to slow him down, but just try to stay away from him and let him chase you. However, don’t give him any footing, be careful not to get cornered or let him catch you in the rope, or he will take you down.

Tips for Rounds 3-5: Be Patient, Go for Body Shots

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In these rounds, Gus will tell you to land a total of 75 body shots. He also tells you to hit him with power shots to the body. You do not have to do this, as normal body shots will do. Powershots will also deplete your stamina faster, so avoid using them. You do not have to land the 75 body shots in one round; you should be good if you can land them all before the 6th round.

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Isaac may be slower and weaker in this round, however, he can still easily take you down, so do not get overconfident and try to all-in. You can’t knock him out in this round yet, but make no mistake; he can knock you out.

An in-out approach is advised, go in, land a couple of bodies, then get out. Once you land enough body shots, stay away from him again as you did in the 1st and 2nd rounds until you reach the 6th.

Tips for Rounds 6-7: Keep Your Distance and Survive

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These rounds are just like the 1st and 2nd but with an added twist. It starts with a cutscene about you getting a cut above your eye. So your goal in these two rounds is to protect your wound and survive. You can only get hit on the head eight times per round. So keep your guard up and stay away from him. Remember that you move faster with your guard down, so if you think you’re at a safe distance, you can drop it and gain a bit more distance.

Tips for Round 8: Go for the Kill

Images via EA Sports

Now, this is the round that you can go all in. In Round 8, you can finally take him down. Be relentless and push him back. You should be able to get him, as he should be totally weakened at this point. What is left is to go for it and enjoy that well-deserved win!

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How to Beat Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion


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