How to Beat Hydro Tuskarr World Quest in WoW: Dragonflight – Guide

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Hydro Tuskarr is a World Quest that takes place in Thaldraszus, and it requires level 60. World Quests in WoW: Dragonflight are no longer daily tasks as they reset weekly—every Tuesday at 3 pm UTC for U.S., Latin, and Oceanic servers.

This particular quest is rather straightforward in theory, yet it gave many a headache to players due to a bug. If you’re having issues with beating the Hydro Tuskarr World Quest in WoW: Dragonflight, follow our guide and avoid any problems.

How to Beat Hydro Tuskarr World Quest in WoW: Dragonflight

To start this World Quest, you will need to go to the location southwest of Algeth’ar Academy. When you reach the lake, you need to find the Watergliding Instructor. On the table next to him, you can choose between Iskaara Watergliders and Iskaara Waterwalkers. The first part of the quest would be to choose the Watergliders, but that is marked as optional.

The next part of the task is to catch 15 Eclipse Sturgeon from the lake nearby, and the best way to do that is to use Throw Net while gliding around.

Solutions for the Hydro Tuskarr World Quest Bug in WoW: Dragonflight

While this World Quest looks simple enough, many players reported issues that prevented them from completing the task. Some players that chose Waterwalkers couldn’t cast the net, and following the quest instructions and using Watergliders instead fixed the problem for them.

If you experience any bugs in this quest, try one of the following solutions:

  1. Log out and log in again
  2. Fly out of the quest area, return, and make sure to choose the green option (Watergliders)
  3. Remove the Waterglider Buff manually by right-clicking it and select the green shoes again

One of these solutions should allow you to cast the net while using the Waterglider Buff if you encountered this problem on your first try. After you fix this, catching the fish will be a piece of cake!

Let us know in the comments whether you were able to complete this World Quest and check out our guides to other WoW: Dragonflight quests, including The Nokhud Offensive: Founders Keepers or Renown of the Dragon Isles.

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How to Beat Hydro Tuskarr World Quest in WoW: Dragonflight – Guide


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