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How to Beat Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Beat Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run Kingdom
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most exciting mobile RPGs in the entire game industry and it has a lot of different activities that you can do. One of the latest seasonal game modes is called Black Pearl Islands and there are many strong enemies that you will have to face. It seems that Ginkgoblin Boss is a problem for some players and they don’t understand how to defeat this opponent. So, this guide will tell you how to beat Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Who Is Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Ginkgoblin Boss is a powerful opponent that you will encounter a few times in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This guy drives a giant monster car that is able to perform different moves. The boss seems to be quite easy and most players managed to defeat even the hardest of its versions. However, the one that you encounter on Black Pearl Islands is really tough and you will need to follow a certain strategy if you want to beat it.

How to Beat Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Ginkgoblin Boss on Black Pearl Islands is not really strong and it is unable to deal tons of damage. However, it has an annoying shield that is quite hard to penetrate. Many users complain that they can’t pass through the boss’s defense as it constantly applies the new shields on top of the previous ones. So, you can use one of two main strategies to defeat Ginkgoblin Boss.

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The first strategy is to simply rush the boss as fast as possible. Choose the strongest solo-target damage dealers that you have and maximize their damage. If you do it you will be able to destroy the shield and deal some damage to the boss or even defeat it before it will be able to create a new shield.

The second way is to remove the shield. It is reported that some players managed to succeed with help of Priestess’s Cookies Paper Charm or Affogato Cookies. Choose one of these options and try to dispel the shield from Ginkgoblin Boss.

There are lots of different opponents that you will have to fight in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Hopefully, this guide will help you to beat Ginkgoblin Boss. Good luck in the further battles with this tough opponent!

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How to Beat Ginkgoblin Boss in Cookie Run Kingdom


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