How to Beat Floor 98 in Dislyte: Tips and Cheats


Dislyte is a fun and stylish RPG for mobile devices. Players must assemble teams of various Espers to fight in exciting turn-based battles. Each Esper has unique abilities and can be more effective against certain enemies. Also, in the game, there are different floors on each of which players will have to fight with different enemies. And in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Floor 98.

How to Beat Floor 98 in Dislyte

Dislyte has several different game modes, and one of them is called Spatial Tower. In this mode, players fight various enemy teams of Espers. On each floor of the Spatial Tower, you will encounter different teams. And for some of them, you will need to use special tactics, or you won’t be able to win. But the difficulty of this mode pays off with various rewards. The higher floors you go through, the better rewards you can get.

At the moment, Floor 98 is one of the most difficult. On this floor, you will encounter Espers such as Lauren, Cecilia, Sally, Suhua, and Hyde. And the most problematic enemies are Lauren and Cecilia.

Cecilia can use her Crimson Protection skill to revive all dead allies. And Lauren using Healing Water can revive one ally. Moreover, their other skills heal their allies. Thus, they constantly heal each other and revive. However, there is a way to defeat them.

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You need to reduce the health of this immortal couple as low as possible. Then you have to wait for Lauren to use his Healing Water and kill Cecilia right away. After that, Cecilia activates Crimson Protection, reviving all dead allies. Luckily this skill only works once per battle. After that, you can kill Lauren and Cecilia. Once you get rid of this couple, you can deal with the remaining enemies without any problems.

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How to Beat Floor 98 in Dislyte: Tips and Cheats


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