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How to Beat Dark Ages Queen Challenge | Clash of Clans Guide

How to Beat Dark Ages Queen Challenge | Clash of Clans Guide
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Clash of Clans has introduced a brilliant new hero skin series called Dark Ages. In addition to purchasing them from the store, you can also take part in timed challenges to try out the new skins. But, as always, there’s a catch: the challenge is not a cakewalk.

After the Dark Ages Grand Warden skin, it is now time for the Archer Queen to receive her Dark Ages skin. Check out this step-by-step guide to help you beat the Dark Ages Queen challenge in Clash of Clans and earn yourself some sweet rewards. Besides trying out the new skin, you can also get 25 gems, a Training potion, and 400 experience points.

Clash of Clans: Dark Ages Queen challenge guide

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In the Dark Ages Queen challenge, players have to raid a Town Hall 15 base with 8 Monoliths, 4 Scattershots, lots of heroes, and various other defenses. While the layout definitely seems intimidating at first glance, getting a 3-star is certainly not impossible. To beat this challenge, we are provided with the following army:

  • 5 Super Wall Breakers
  • 12 Balloons
  • 5 Healers
  • 8 Inferno Dragons
  • 5 Headhunters
  • Level 85 Barbarian King
  • Level 85 Archer Queen
  • Level 60 Grand Warden
  • Level 35 Royal Champion
  • 3 Rage spells
  • 2 Freeze spells
  • 1 Poison spell
  • 5 Skeleton spells

Most Archer Queen challenges involve the popular Queen Walk strategy, and the Dark Ages Queen challenge is no different. In this challenge, players have to use a combination of Queen Walk and Inferno Dragons to achieve 3-stars. For more details, follow the steps below.

Step 1: take down monoliths in the north and southeast using Balloons and Rage spells

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Our first step is to take down the pair of Monoliths in the northeast of the base. Drop one Rage spell between the two Monoliths and deploy three Balloons to each Monolith. These raged Balloons will easily snipe out the Monoliths. Then, repeat the same step to take down Monoliths in the southwest.

Step 2: start the Queen Walk

Sniping both pairs of Monoliths in the last step has created a funnel for our Archer Queen to enter the core. Drop a Skeleton spell in front of the Grand Warden on the east. Then, deploy the Archer Queen, followed by all Healers, and use a Super Wall Breaker to guide her inside. Also, use one Headhunter to take down the defending King on the east side.

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Continue using Wall Breakers to push the Queen further inside. Keep Freeze and Rage spells ready for when she gets targeted by the defending Queen and Royal Champion. After all four heroes on the east side have been dealt with, use a third Wall Breaker to enter the core. Deploy the Poison spell when defending Barbarians start attacking the Archer Queen.

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Step 3: time for Barbarian King and Royal Champion to join the party

Use a Skeleton spell in front of the Grand Warden in the south of the base. Drop a Wall Breaker followed by the Barbarian King. Deploy two Headhunters as well to help the King defeat heroes. You can use the King’s ability to speed up the process. Meanwhile, send the Royal Champion to the Scattershot on the southwest.

As the King starts moving towards the southwest, you can use a Skeleton spell on the Monolith to distract it and move on to the next step.

Step 4: deploy Inferno Dragons

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Now, we can start using Inferno Dragons followed by air-mode Grand Warden. Spread all the Inferno Dragons in the southeast side of the base. Deploy one Skeleton spell to distract defending Arrows. Also, pop your Warden’s ability to make sure most Inferno Dragons survive.

Image by Touch Tap Play

Use the last Skeleton spell to distract the final pair of Monoliths. Save your last Freeze spell to defend the Royal Champion in case she is targeted by a Monolith. If executed perfectly, this strategy will surely earn you a 3-star victory. And even if it doesn’t work at first, you can always retry this challenge to earn the rewards.

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How to Beat Dark Ages Queen Challenge | Clash of Clans Guide


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