How to Beat Bricks n Balls Level 440


Brick-busting puzzle games are very interesting and if you want to play one of them then we recommend you try Bricks n Balls. This project has a huge list of various levels that you can play and some of them are quite challenging. So, in this article, we will try to help you with one of the most difficult puzzles of this game. This guide will tell you how to beat Bricks n Balls Level 440.

What is Bricks n Balls Level 440?

Bricks n Balls has hundreds of levels that you can play and the firsts of them are quite simple. However, the more you progress the harder the game and it seems that some players are unable to complete Level 440. So, we will try to help them.

Basically, Level 440 is a very long mission with lots of bricks that will spawn in front of you. However, the biggest problem is the fortified bricks that become invulnerable for one round. So, you will need to be careful with them and we will give you a couple of tips on how to beat this level.

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How to Beat Bricks n Balls Level 440

When you start your Level 440 playthrough you will need to make your first shot. The best option is two blocks in the right part of the structure that have nothing behind them. You will be able to destroy them with your first shot and get your balls to the hollow space above the structure. So, they will start to bounce there and destroy many blocks.

The mission can be completed like any Level in this game and you just need to hit as many blocks as possible. However, Level 440 is tricky and you will need to be aware of its main feature. It has a huge amount of fortified blocks and you will have to deal with them.

Fortified blocks in Bricks n Balls are special things that are able to become invulnerable. Basically, they just turn into big metal bricks that you can’t damage. These blocks always change their status from one round to another and you should be careful with them. Don’t let them move close to your line with their defense up as they will cross it easily and you will lose.

Level 440 in Bricks n Balls should be not too hard if you keep your eye on the fortified blocks. So, follow our tips and you will be able to beat this mission. Good luck in your further playthrough!

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How to Beat Bricks n Balls Level 440


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