How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

You have an intention to beat Rocket Leader Arlo. This leader can switch around his line-up, and it may seem pretty threatening to defeat him. Still, when one thinks of rewards that you will get after completing it, you understand that it is worth trying. We have prepared the list of counters to beat Arlo. Check it out.

​Pokémon Go: Choosing Counters

The first Pokémon that Arlo will choose is Venonat, and it is not hard to beat him. We recommend using dire or flying-type Pokémon to cope with his attacks (this Pokemon uses bug and poison ones).

The second Pokemon should be Shadow Manectric. This Pokemon usually refers to electric, dark, and fire-type moves. Also, he may use a tricky fast move. That is why we recommend doing your best to resist its attacks as a counter.

The third Pokemon you may face is Shadow Crobat. We can sum up that his type is a standard poison and flying. Just pick the Pokemon with rock and style-type moves to beat him.

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The fourth Pokemon Arlo may use is the Scizor. His moves are steel, bug, and dark. We highly recommend you to use his double weakness to fire moves at that moment when you choose a counter for him.

The fifth Pokemon you may face is Magnezone, whose type is electric and steel. Counter it easily with any Pokemon who uses ground-type solid moves.

One more Pokemon Arlo may choose is Shadow Vileplume, which is a grass and poison type. Just select the counters who are flying and steel type.

Now you know all the tips that will enable you to beat Arlo. Start playing and implement all your knowledge in practice!

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How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO


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