How to Beat 11-23 in Cookie Run Kingdom: Tips and Cheats

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Players around the world love Cookie Run: Kingdom. In this cute RPG, players have a team of five Cookies to fight with various monsters to protect the kingdom. And although the gameplay is not difficult at all, the right selection of a team can drastically change the situation. We have created this guide to help you out when it comes to beating stage 11-23.

How to Beat 11-23

The average power level of this stage is 264,934. Don’t worry if your level is a little lower, as with the right team, you can easily win. Here are the cookies you need:

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie with a set of 2 Solid Almonds and 3 Swift Chocolates toppings will quickly recharge your skill and help your team last much longer.
  • Vampire Cookie needs to have toppings that maximize attack and crit percentages, such as a set of 5 Searing Raspberries.
  • Eclair Cookie is a great cookie if you use 5 Swift Chocolate, which will increase Damage Resistance and reduce the cooldown of the skill.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie with 5 Searing Raspberries will do quite a lot of damage as a Sub DPS.
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie. You can use 5 Swift Chocolate or 5 Solid Almond toppings.

We also recommend using Ice Cream and Slingshot to defeat Cookie Wizards as quickly as possible.

The procedure is quite simple. You need to use the Eclair skill first, then use the Vampire Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie skills, and immediately use Ice Cream and Slingshot. With the right timing, you will be able to take a one-shot.

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How to Beat 11-23 in Cookie Run Kingdom: Tips and Cheats


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