BitLife is a mobile life simulator game with plenty of opportunities. It has a lot of different challenges to motivate players to try something new in the game, such as the Birthday Challenge, which demands that you be born in September. There is also a possibility that another challenge will ask you to do this. Today, we are going to help you with not only the Birthday Challenge, but also all possible tasks that demand you be born in a determined month. This guide will explain how to be born in September in BitLife.

How to Be Born in September

Some challenges in BitLife ask you to be born in a determined month. When your character starts its life, you can see its character card. There, you can read about its parents, name, and date of birth. Unfortunately, there is no free way to change all these stats when your character is already born. You’ll need to create another character and continue this reroll cycle until you get what you want. In this case, you need to reroll your character until you are born in September.

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As was mentioned, there is no free way to change your character’s basic stats. However, if you’re willing to make an investment in the game, you can buy the god mode with real money. God mode will allow you to change your characters in any way you like, such as changing your birthday to September. This is the second way to be born in September in BitLife. Good luck in your further playthrough.

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