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How To Be A Riot Shield Turtle in MW2

How To Be A Riot Shield Turtle in MW2

Riot Shield was one of the most imbalanced weapons in the game, even from the release of the newest Modern Warfare 2. It gives you too powerful protection, allowing you to hide under armor like a turtle, preventing enemies from dealing damage to you. By reading this guide, you will find out how to be a Riot Shield Turtle in MW2. There will be not only a guide but also interesting information about Riot Shield.

How to Become Turtle in MW2

Becoming a turtle in MW2 does not mean you need to transform your character into an animal. Turtles are specific players who use Riot Shield too actively, often staying under the Shield protection and playing passively. So, you need to use a Riot Shield actively to become a Riot Shield Turtle. 

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Also, a piece of good advice is to stay near the wall or any other construction that prevents opponents from getting behind you. Once in such a position, you can start using Riot Shield and become the nearly invincible enemy.

Can You Equip 2 Riot Shields in MW2?

If you search for the correct usage of Riot Shield on the internet, you will find that some people suggest you use 2 Shields simultaneously. You should know that it is impossible to equip more than 1 piece of the specific item. It refers to Riot Shield and any other item in MW2. Moreover, this rule is also presented in other CoD games, even the oldest ones.

In conclusion, you should carefully use a Riot Shield to become a Turtle in MW2. Also, be ready to get a dose of hate and negative Steam reviews if you use Riot Shield. This item remains toxic even after its rebalance in Season 1 Reloaded. And people who use it are widely hated in the community. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to fix Dev Error 11642 in MW2.

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How To Be A Riot Shield Turtle in MW2


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