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How Spawns Work in MW2

How Spawns Work in MW2
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You need to understand how every mechanic works if you want to have a high K/D rate and perfect statistics in MW2. Unfortunately, the newest CoD Modern Warfare 2 is pretty complex. Therefore, understanding all mechanics might take a lot of time and effort. By reading this guide, you will find out how spawns work in MW2. Also, there will be a few pieces of advice to help you know where your enemies are. Surprisingly, footsteps and minimap are not the best way to estimate where enemies are.

Spawn Guide in MW2

Some extra careful players, even from the release of the game, noticed that spawning players in MW2 works differently compared to previous CoD games. Activision entirely changed spawning in MW2; you can be spawned everywhere.

Nowadays, the game takes into account the battlefield and tries to spawn you somewhere safe, away from the enemies and the first battle line. Also, you will likely appear with a few of your teammates. You can be sure that it is one of the best spawning systems presented not only in Call of Duty but even in all shooters ever.

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How to Know Where Your Enemies Are

Once you know how spawning in MW2 works, you can easily estimate the current position of your enemies on the map. It will be just opposite your spawn. Also, some newly spawned opponents are likely to appear near the uncaptured spots on the map. You can easily use this trick and dominate opponents using the perfect knowledge of the spawn system in MW2.

In conclusion, Activision created an Ai that takes into account the position of your teammates and opponents and only after that spawns you on the map. So, you can be spawned everywhere, depending on how the battle goes. And while you are here, make sure to read our Modern Warfare 2 prestige emblems guide.

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How Spawns Work in MW2


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