How to Awaken Dough in Blox Fruits – Awakening Guide


Based on the popular anime One Piece, Blox Fruits is one of the most successful Roblox games out there. The game has thousands of fans worldwide, and many players are interested in how awakening works in Blox Fruits. Reading this guide, you will find out how to awaken Dough in Blox Fruits.

Awakening Dough in Blox Fruits

Awakening is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. So, if you are not ready to spend that much time in the game, it would be best to avoid awakening. But if you do want to empower Dough and are ready to try hard, you will find out the most straightforward way to do so in this guide.

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First, you should find the NPC Sweet Craft near the center of the Sea of Treats village. After talking to this NPC, you should collect God Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoa to trade them for Cake Chalice.

Once you trade those items and get the Cake Chalice from the NPC, head to Cake Island and visit the NPC Drip_Mama. He will request you to kill 500 enemies to access the battle with the Dough King. Fortunately, you can easily do it with friends. After defeating 500 enemies, talk to Drip_Mama NPC and start the fight.

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Defeating Dough King, you will then get a unique Red Key to access Cake Scientist on Cake Island. Head to the Castle where Cake Scientist is located and purchase Raid Microchip for 1000 fragments. Then, you should head to the Castle on the sea and find the special yellow platform.

Stand on this platform, and it will move you to the special Raid Dimension. Complete the Raid, and you will be able to update your Dough for 500 fragments.

That’s it with awakening Dough in Blox Fruits. Even though this process might take time, you can be sure nothing is challenging about awakening Dough. And with our guide, you can do it in less than an hour.

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How to Awaken Dough in Blox Fruits – Awakening Guide


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