How to Assign Jobs in The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors
The Walking Dead: Survivors

Assigning the survivors to the job is necessary if you want to survive. Your citizens might give you extra resources or quicker unit training. It depends on the kind of job they do. And there are two ways to assign jobs in the game. Read the guide and you will learn both.

Assigning Jobs in The Walking Dead Survivors

Both ways are worth your time. So, you can pick whatever you want. However, there are some limits that you need to know to assign jobs. So, let’s start our guide!

Assigning to Building

It is the first and the most common way. When you assign somebody to a building, it starts giving you additional benefits. For example, assigning to the Stable will increase recruit amounts. 

Unfortunately, you need to know that mostly, assigning people requires them to be level 12. However, there are some exceptions like Gun Shop. To check the required level, use the side menu. Also, you are not able to assign survivors to the Farm, Lumber Yard, or the Well. But it might be changed in the future.

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Assigning to Scavenge Sites

This way is used to earn resources directly. And it is very beneficial to have extra resources. The main advantage of Scavenge Sites is that no levels are required. Also, you can combine both ways and earn as much as possible.

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How to Assign Jobs in The Walking Dead Survivors


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