How to Always Win at 2048 Game

Minecraft 2048

2048 is an addictive logic game for iOS, Android, and browsers. Today it breaks all popularity records, although winning in 2048 is not so easy. But there is a strategy that allows you to almost always bring the puzzle game to the end and achieve a victory.

How to Win 2048 – Tips and Tricks

The rules of 2048 are simple (this is the key to the popularity of any mobile game). It is necessary to move the tiles with numbers (left, right, up, or down). When the sides of the tiles with the same numbers touch, they merge, and the number doubles. So, for example, the contact of twos gives a four, thirty twos – sixty-four.

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The goal of the game is to merge two tiles with the number 1024 and get 2048. Once you do this, the game ends with a win. Sounds simple, but try to go all the way to the end and you will understand that this is not easy at all.

However, we are here to help you. Below you will find the almost win-win strategy of the game 2048.

In fact, there are several ways to almost certainly get a tile with the number 2048, but we will describe one of the simplest. It’s called the angle technique.

  • The playing field is a square with four corners. You need to choose one of them and remain faithful to it until the end of the game. Make sure that the tile with the maximum number is always in this corner.
  • Other tiles should be centered around the maximum tile. And at the first opportunity, merge it with another tile that has reached the same value.
  • It is possible that a situation will arise when the maximum chip should leave its corner. Pull it out, but always put it back.

Good luck!

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How to Always Win at 2048 Game


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