Mario Golf: Super Rush

While the basic shots can get you somewhat far in Mario Golf: Super Rush, you will hardly become an unbeatable champion if you cannot master some of the game’s advanced techniques. Among them are back spin and top spin shots, which can be extremely useful in a lot of different situations.

In case you have no idea how to add spin to your shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush, you have come to the right course. Sorry, I meant place. Here’s how to perform top spin and back spin shots and when you should use them.

How to Add Spin to Your Shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush

How to Do Top Spin Shot

To add a top spin to your shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush, all you need to do is press the A button twice while you are readying your shot. This shot adds a little more distance to all of your shots, no matter the power used, so it’s a great shot to use in open areas where you are far from the hole and do not have to worry about the terrain’s layout.

How to Do Back Spin Shot

To add a back spin to your shot, you need to press the B button while you are readying your shot. The back spin shot is the exact opposite of the spin shot, as it is used to make the ball rolls back once it lands. This shot is great for when you need the maximum possible accuracy, especially in advanced courses with some very rough terrain where every shot needs to be 100% on point.

How to Do Super Back Spin Shot

The Super Back Spin shot is an advanced back spin shot that is extremely important to master. Performed by pressing the B button twice while readying your shot, the Super Back Spin Shot ensures that your ball will spin backward no matter the terrain and the general condition of the course. If there is some wind that can alter your shots, for example, the Super Back Spin shot ensures that your shot will be as accurate as possible.

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