In Miitopia, your Mii hero is the most important character in the game, but by themselves, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish much and defeat the Dark Lord. As such, there are a lot of characters that will join you on your adventures, helping you out defeat monsters in battle using the unique abilities granted by their jobs.

But how exactly do you get more characters to join your party in Miitopia? Let us find out.

How To Add Party Members In Miitopia

In Miitopia, new party members will join you as you proceed through the story. You will get three in the Greenhorne Region, three in the Neksdor Region, and three in the Realm of Fay Region. So, at the end of the game, you will have a total of 10 party members, including your hero.

Greenhorne Region

In the Greenhorne Region, the first party member will join in a battle with the two Rock Moths, right after starting your adventure. The second one will join you after meeting the Great Sage for the first time. The third and final party member for the region will join you at the same time as the second after visiting and sleeping at the Inn.

Neksdor Region

In the Neksdor Region, the first and second party members will join you as you clear the first and second routes of the area, respectively. The third and final one will become your companion right after you are sent out to look for the Genie.

Realm of Fay Region

In the Realm of Fay Region, the first party member will join you after completing the region’s first route. The second will join you after encountering the Youngest Fab Fairy, while the third and final character will join you after completing the first route of the Biggs Forest.

Post Game

Once you have completed the game, you will unlock the Villa, new Lumos, and Galados Isle areas. With the Villa unlocked, you will be able to move any character there as well as recruit 90 more characters, allowing you to experiment with all sorts of different party compositions.

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