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How to Add Friends in Monopoly GO

How to Add Friends in Monopoly GO
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A Monopoly game is best enjoyed with friends, and the same applies to Monopoly GO. You can connect with dear people in the game and share the experience with them. Best of all, the mobile version of the game is less likely to break up friendships, unlike the original!

Let’s look at how you can invite friends to Monopoly GO. Once you know that, you’ll decide whether you want a peaceful coexistence or to strip them clean of their cash. We also have a guide on how to get 5 star cards in Monopoly GO, so if you’re interested, give it a read!

Inviting your friends to play Monopoly GO together

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To start inviting friends to Monopoly GO, you need to tap on the Friends button in the lower right. This will open up a menu with three main options: Contacts, Facebook, and Invite.

The Contacts button allows you to connect Monopoly GO with your phone contacts. Then, you can choose anyone from your phonebook and send them a Monopoly GO invite.

The Facebook option functions similarly. After tapping on that button, you’ll get a prompt asking you if you agree to share contact information with the game via Facebook. In case you agree, the game will let you choose who to invite.

Finally, the Invite option opens the browser on your phone and gives you a link to share. This is essentially a referral link that you can send via message, email, or any other way. Whoever registers through your link will become your friend in Monopoly GO.

How do you play with friends on Monopoly GO?

The main advantage of having a friend list on Monopoly GO is that you can access the Community Chest on the board. Unless you have five in-game friends, this chest (and the jackpot within it) will stay locked.

Regular game modes like Heists and Shut Downs also improve with friends, and there are specific events that require you to collaborate with others. Simply put, Monopoly GO opens up more if you connect with friends and family. Indeed, the game becomes more fun!

How do I find my Monopoly GO username?

Your Monopoly GO username isn’t necessary to connect with or invite friends. However, if you want to see your in-game name, you can do so by tapping the Menu (so-called “hamburger”) button in the upper right. The button is right next to your shields, and your username will be the first thing you see after opening the menu.

This concludes everything you need to know about adding friends in Monopoly GO. If you want more useful info on this or other mobile games, watch out for new editions on our Game Guides page.

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How to Add Friends in Monopoly GO