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How to get 5 Star cards in Monopoly GO!

How to get 5 Star cards in Monopoly GO!
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You’re looking for Monopoly Go! 5-star cards, and you can’t find them? Let’s see them together!

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Monopoly GO! has many different ways of getting prizes and rewards. Almost at every corner, you will find cash prizes, dice prizes, and even unique shields and tokens. The sticker album, once filled, provides you with the greatest reward in the game whenever they’re active. The 5-star cards in Monopoly GO! are the most difficult to get a hold of, though there are methods where you are guaranteed a 5-star card.

What do the stars mean on Monopoly GO!?

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What Are Stars in Monopoly GO!? Stars are what you get for collecting stickers that are worth stars in Monopoly GO! It’s a valuable resource that lets you craft stickers you want to unlock. In the Sticker Album menu, you can use the safe icon at the bottom to exchange stars for sticker packs.

Getting 5-star cards in Monopoly GO!

In Monopoly GO!, we have to fill up the Epic Myths Album, which hosts 189 stickers for players to collect. Out of all these cards, there are 20 Five-star stickers, much more than previous albums. But the rewards are incredible, with considerable cash and prizes alongside a unique token for your board.

These 5-star Cards are complicated to get, as they’re a super rare drop from any sticker pack. These sticker packs are rewarded at almost every point in the game, from quick wins to tournaments, to events to the Prize Drop, you name it.

Five-star stickers in Monopoly GO! can be found by participating in events, achieving quick wins milestones, and trading with other players. You can also open Stickers for Rewards chests if you have a high Net Worth and duplicate stickers.

Yet, getting five-star cards from events requires progressing far into a tournament’s reward list, while trading poses some stakes.

Events and Tournaments

There are many tournaments where you can participate in Monopoly GO! Most primary events, such as Epic Myths and Wall Street Wonders, maintain over 40 prize decks you can claim, with five-star sticker packs available near the end. Also, most events only give one five-star pack. Fortunately, this also means you are ensured to get at least one five-star sticker every few days if you gain enough points to claim the card pack.

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Besides, smaller events like Jungle Journey and Dot Com Dash can also give five-star packs with their tiered prizes, with the top three winners of each tournament also receiving a gold card from five-star packages. As you’re participating in main events, collecting points toward tournaments can also net you some bonus stickers.

Quick Wins Milestones

An alternative strategy to acquiring five-star stickers in Monopoly GO! is to complete your weekly quick wins milestones. You’ll frequently see at least one, sometimes two, five-star packs as a weekly prize.

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You’ll gain points toward these prizes by achieving your three daily quick wins, so log on to bash these out each day.

Trading in Monopoly GO! – How to Trade Cards in Monopoly GO

Trading between players is a common way to achieve your goal if you want a specific card. Trading stickers with others is a typical but risky method.

To do so, follow this straightforward guide for trading with other players:

1. Select a sticker in your album.
2. Tap “Send to Friend”.
3. Select a friend you wish to send your sticker to.
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Note* The exception is golden stickers, which demand postponement until the next Golden Blitz event.

Risky but worthy! Be careful with this, as there is a case that other players will not return a card to you! Since Monopoly GO! has no system to prevent unfair trades, be cautious when entering these with others you don’t know.
Fortunately, if all goes well, you can quickly get the identical card you’re looking for and even help another community member complete their albums.

Tip* If you cannot find the card you’re looking for, you can use social media platforms like Discord, Reddit, and Facebook to join with Monopoly GO! trading communities.

Commonly, these trades affect hopping on a social media platform and asking to trade stickers with someone. You both befriend each other, send your cards, and move on to the next trade.

Stickers for Rewards Safes

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If you regularly play Monopoly GO!, you’ll gain numerous duplicate stickers in your albums. Luckily, you can exchange these for reward chests.

There are three decks you can buy:

  1. Green Safe: 100 Sticker Stars.
  2. Blue Safe: 500 Sticker Stars. [Unlocks at Level 450].
  3. Purple Safe: 2,500 Sticker Stars. [Unlocks at Level 1,300].

While the first two safes will give you two, three, and four-star stickers, you’ll want to focus on the purple safe. Below are its rewards:

  • 320-525 free dice.
  • Five-star sticker pack.
  • Three-star gold guaranteed sticker pack.
  • Guaranteed new sticker pack.

TIP* Purchasing purple safe guarantees you’ll receive a five-star sticker and a card you do not now own, making it an excellent option if you only need one or two more stickers for your last album.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide explaining how to get Five-star cards in Monopoly GO! You have either got to be really devoted or really lucky! For more Monopoly GO! help, visit our related section for other Monopoly GO! Tips and Tricks.

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How to get 5 Star cards in Monopoly GO!


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