How to 360 in Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a slightly scary but interesting game where you can play as a team of survivors and try to escape from a scary monster, or play as a villain and try to kill all 4 survivors. No matter which path you choose, you will definitely have fun. But in this article we will talk specifically about the survivors, or rather, we will talk about how to escape from the villain in the most hopeless situation. To do this, you will need to perform the 360 and we will tell you how to do it.

How to 360 in Dead by Daylight

Sometimes in the game, it happens that you are left with a monster 1 on 1 and he is about to catch up with you to kill you. In this case, the 360 will help you a lot, since by performing this you will incredibly quickly evade attacks, and also gradually move away from the pursuer.

To perform 360 ​​you need to do the following:

  • You need to press the wasd or wdsa keys very quickly if you’re playing on a computer, rotate the joystick if you’re playing on a console, and use the touch stick if you’re playing on a mobile device. In any case, your task is to quickly rotate in approximately one place.
  • Once you’ve practiced a bit and your character is spinning in place like a ballerina, you need to sharply turn the camera in the opposite direction from the one you’re revolving into.
  • If you do everything right, your character will turn 360 degrees very quickly. This will make it very difficult for the enemy to hit you.
  • Although it sounds very simple, it is not so easy to do. At first, you should practice spinning in place without running, and when you start to get it right, add running.
  • Also, you will need to repeat this trick many times when the enemy is near you and at the same time you will need to mix a little in any direction by holding one of the control buttons for a fraction of a second longer, to get away from the enemy.

While doing 360, you will be moving at a much faster speed than normal. Perhaps this is a bug in the game, but not everyone can do it, so this is more of a manifestation of skill.

To master this trick perfectly, you will need a lot of time and therefore pay enough attention to it. Also, keep in mind that most killers are experienced players, and for a 360 to work you need to execute it perfectly.

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How to 360 in Dead by Daylight



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