How Tall are Fall Guys? – Answered


Fall Guys is a very fun and cute Battle Royale game. Unlike other games of this genre, in Fall Guys players compete in various mini-games. In total, 60 players participate in the match, but only one can become the winner. There are also many different cosmetic items, that can make your character more unique. And in this guide, we will tell you how tall Fall Guys are.

How Tall are Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is available for almost all gaming platforms, so it is not surprising that it has become very popular. Moreover, the developers decided to make it free to further increase its popularity.

Players control cute bean-like characters called the Fall Guys. These characters are very funny and a bit clumsy. However, you will be surprised to learn that their height is above the average height of men in many countries of the world. Each Fall Guy is 6 feet tall. In meters, this is approximately 1.83.

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And although this is not a very impressive height for a person, remember that Fall Guys is much wider than any person. And then you will have a more important question, what is inside these characters. They are very strong, as they fall from great heights without any damage.

Two Mediatonic concept artists came up with two possible anatomies for Fall Guys. And they are very different. Tudor Morris has created art where inside Fall Guy a skeleton looks like a hybrid of a human and a bird. It looks creepy enough. But Ash Kerins portrayed Fall Guy as a pink slime with a cute yellow heart.

Well, Fall Guys is a very cute Battle Royale, which is designed for a children’s audience. However, tall characters with such creepy anatomy make you wonder if this game is really for children. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to play with friends in Fall Guys.

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How Tall are Fall Guys? – Answered


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