How Much of One Piece’s Story Does One Piece Odyssey Cover? – Explained

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One Piece Odyssey is the newest addition to the One Piece universe, which already sprawls over so many different types of media. It all started with the famous manga in 1997, and now, the One Piece saga includes more than 1,000 episodes of a TV series, several movies, and more than 50 games for different platforms.

With the new game, it is only natural to have a question about how much of One Piece’s story One Piece Odyssey covers. Those who haven’t caught up with the anime series or the manga may want to avoid spoilers by playing the game, so stick around as our article answers this important conundrum.

Is One Piece Odyssey Canon?

The first order of business is to see whether the story of One Piece Odyssey qualifies as canon. Considering that there is so much One Piece content, canon can get quite complicated. On top of everything, we know that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, participated directly in the creation of Odyssey.

Still, just like with other One Piece games, Odyssey doesn’t belong to the official canon. One Piece games use the same characters and refer to the events that happened in the TV show and comic books, but none are considered a part of the official story.

Does One Piece Odyssey Include Spoilers?

Knowing that Odyssey is not canon, you could exhale and fire up the game not fearing any spoilers, but we do have to warn you about another thing. One Piece Odyssey does contain World of Memories, a feature that allows players to experience certain canon events from the manga and the TV series.

The confirmed canon arcs showing up in One Piece Odyssey include Alabasta, Marineford, Water Seven, and Dressrosa. Therefore, if you don’t know what happens in those arcs and want to avoid spoilers, you may want to wait a bit before picking up One Piece Odyssey.

There you have it—this answers the question How much of One Piece’s story does One Piece Odyssey cover? If you’re not worried about spoilers, get ready for the game with our other One Piece articles, including When Does One Piece Odyssey Take Place? and One Piece Odyssey: All Playable Characters and How to Unlock Them.

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How Much of One Piece’s Story Does One Piece Odyssey Cover? – Explained


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