How Much Health does Klombo Have in Fortnite? – Answered


Fortnite 19.10 update has gone live on January 18 on all formats, introducing plenty of new content to the game and reintroducing features such as the Tilted Towers, the Grenade Launcher, and more.

While all of the additions and returning features are quite welcome, they cannot compare to the addition of Klombos, giant creatures that now roam the Island and that can assist players in a variety of ways. These dragons are particularly docile, so they won’t attack players… unless they are attacked first.

Here’s how much health Klombos have and if it is possible to take them down.

How Much Health does Klombo Have in Fortnite? – Answered

There is currently no way to take down Klombos, so it’s pretty much assured at this point that they have infinite health.

While it is not possible to take Klombos down, you can still attack them with any weapon at your disposal, only you will deal 1 point of damage, no matter the weapon you are using or where you are hitting the creature, essentially making attacking them pointless.

The only reason you may have to attack a Klombo is to make it angry and unleash its acid attack on you or any other player in the vicinity. This may help you get out of a sticky situation, although you may get caught up in the attack so well, so it’s always better to leave Klombos alone and let them assist you peacefully.

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How Much Health does Klombo Have in Fortnite? – Answered


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