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How Many People Can Ride the Camel in Minecraft?

How Many People Can Ride the Camel in Minecraft?
Image via Mojang Studios

Trekking through a Minecraft desert village near you are the noble beasts: the camel. These rideable animals arrived with the 1.20 update, and are fast becoming a fan favorite. Not only can these special mobs be found sitting and wandering around the desert areas, players can also ride them. And the can go pretty fast, so hold on to your seat! The important question on every player’s lips right now is how many people can ride the camel in Minecraft? Let’s find out!

How Many Players Can Ride a Camel in Minecraft?

This latest mob can be found in the sandy areas, of course, as most camels can in the real world. These unique rideable creatures can also be ridden by not just one player, but two. This is great news for players who like to link up with friends to play Minecraft together, especially if you want to travel quickly across the world as these beasts can really get moving!

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As usual, the attention to detail by Mojang Studios is fantastic as these camels, although they exist in a Minecraft world, act like camels in real life. They can not only wander for hours with people on their backs, but they can sprint surprisingly fast. They also sit and lie down randomly, just like the stubborn beasts do in the Sahara when they have had enough of you.

Image via Mojang Studios

One of the best things about the camels in Minecraft is that as a player you are sat up so high that the usual melee mobs can not even reach you. You can stay aboard your desert steed as nothing can get to you… Until the camel lies down suddenly!

So now camels have arrived in Minecraft, it is time to gather your friends, jump aboard a camel 2-a-piece, and stampede across the lands in search of adventure!

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How Many People Can Ride the Camel in Minecraft?