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Can You Ride the Sniffer in Minecraft?

Can You Ride the Sniffer in Minecraft?
Image via Mojang

An ancient and once extinct animal has returned to Minecraft. The Sniffer is a very large, lumbering creature with intriguing markings and a big yellow muzzle. The Sniffer is the winner of the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote, a community vote to see which mob we all wanted to see in our worlds. Now these amazing creatures are available to find and hatch, players have been wondering if it is possible to hop on board and ride a Sniffer! Let’s find out below if it is actually possible to ride the Sniffer in Minecraft.

How to Ride a Sniffer in Minecraft

The community asked and Minecraft delivered! It is actually possible to ride a Sniffer in Minecraft. Write in /ride (player name) mount (animal name) to enable riding, so to allow your own character to ride a Sniffer you would input /ride (your name) mount (sniffer). All you have to do next is approach the animal and wait for the prompt then jump aboard!

When riding a full grown adult Sniffer your character will be sat in its back, but when riding a smaller Sniffer you will be sat on it more comfortably! If you mount a sitting Sniffer it looks much better, however when it stands up half of your character will disappear into the animal’s fur. This may be a bug the devs will fix, or it may just be kept as a funny feature.

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This is currently only available in Creative mode, of course, but it is still a really fun feature of the latest update in Minecraft.

Image via Mojang

What are Sniffers and how can we hatch them?

Sniffers were once an extinct creature but have been brought back to the Minecraft world thanks to a community vote. To get them in your world you have to find its eggs and then hatch them to produce little baby Snifflets. The eggs can be found in Suspicious Sand where you could also discover other bits of treasure like pottery shards.

Once the egg is hatched, and honestly it is worth watching it hatch because it is the cutest thing ever, the Snifflet will grow into a big Sniffler! Both small and large Snifflers can be ridden by you and your friends and they can also help sniff out seeds so you can grow decorative plants. Definitely one of the best animals to be added to Minecraft so far!

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Can You Ride the Sniffer in Minecraft?