If you are a fan of action role-playing games, you should try Monster Hunter Rise, the sixth installment in the Monster Hunter series. The game was released in March 2021. You will be accompanied by an animal Palamute who will help you ride to the needed points (either to the places of battles or across the map). Also, you will be able to move across the world riding the game monsters. The last is the most exciting part of the game. Let’s check how many monster creatures there are in the game and what their names are. Ready?

​The Quantity of the Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

The official information states that Monster Hunter Rise includes 58 monsters in total. They are divided into large and small. There are 47 creatures that you have faced in the previous games. Also, 11 monsters are considered to be new

Let’s check the names of the new ones! They are:

  •  Tetrandon
  •  Aknosom
  •  Great Izuchi (Izuchi)
  •  Bishaten
  •  Bombadgy
  •  Gross Horag
  •  Magnamalo
  •  Almudron
  •  Somnacanth
  •  Rachnoid
  •  Rakna-Kadaki
  •  The reported creature types are as follows:
  •  Amphibians
  •  Bird Wyverns
  •  Brute Wyverns
  •  Fanged Beasts
  •  Fanged Wyverns
  •  Fishes
  •  Flying Wyverns
  •  Herbivores
  •  Leviathans
  •  Lynians
  •  Neopterons
  •  Piscine Wyverns
  •  Snake Wyverns
  •  Temnocreans
  •  Elder Dragons

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Also, we would like to highlight the particular type of Variants and Deviants hybrids called Apexes. These giant monsters are incredibly mighty. Here are their names:

  •  Apex Rathalos
  •  Apex Rathian
  •  Apex Mizutsune
  •  Apex Arzuros
  •  Apex Diablos

And tiny monsters are the early stages of Rakna Kadaki, Great Izuchi, and the Bombadgy.

So, now you know all the information on the names and quantity of the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Please don’t waste your time and start playing to get acquainted with them in person!

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