How Many Dungeons are There in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5

The Rune Factory series has always managed to balance the simulation mechanics with action role-playing game mechanics quite well, allowing players to take their sweet time to complete the game, or just rush through the games’ many dungeons if they so desire.

Rune Factory 5 is no different in this regard, offering plenty of content for all sorts of players, no matter if they are more into the simulation mechanics or the action role-playing game ones. And even if players are not all that much into action RPGs, they will still have to go through many dungeons to see the end of the story.

Here’s how many dungeons are there in Rune Factory 5.

How Many Dungeons are There in Rune Factory 5?

Rune Factory 5, like all of its predecessors, places good emphasis on the dungeon crawling aspects of action role-playing games, and so features quite a few dungeons that will have to be explored to complete the story.

The latest entry in the series features, as part of its story, 14 different dungeons to explore. Some of these dungeons are divided into two different parts that are explored during different parts of the story, so the number of available dungeons is actually higher than 14, even though these parts technically belong to a single dungeon. And if you haven’t had enough after completing the story, there is an additional, post-game dungeon for you to complete.

Below, you will find the full list of Rune Factory 5 dungeons.

  1. Whispering Woods
  2. Belpha Ruins
  3. Kelve Lava Caverns
  4. Meline Crystal Caverns
  5. Atohl’s End
  6. Gadeus Grasslands
  7. Belpha Ruins Depths
  8. Meline Crystal Caverns Depths
  9. Kelve Laval Caves Depths
  10. Forest of No Return
  11. Everlasting Darkness
  12. Basara’s Highway
  13. Thundering Waste
  14. Cloudheim
  15. SEED Floating Forest
  16. Calamity’s Edge
  17. Rigbarth Maze

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How Many Dungeons are There in Rune Factory 5


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