Mario Golf: Super Rush

Being a multiplayer-focused game, fans of the Mario sports games will be busy with Mario Golf: Super Rush for a very long time. With a nice selection of different characters and courses, you can be sure that you will be spending quite some time in the game, especially if you are a competitive player who has to always become the best at every game you play.

Even if you are not a competitive player, Mario Golf: Super Rush still has plenty of single-player content to sink your teeth into. But how long does it exactly take to see everything Mario Golf: Super Rush has to offer? Let us find out.

How Long is Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Mario Golf: Super Rush features both single-player and multiplayer modes, and if you’re a huge fan of Golf, you will be playing these modes extensively. If this is your first time on the green, however, you will want to spend some time learning the game’s mechanics, and Adventure Mode is just the perfect mode for this, as it lets you create a fully customizable Mii golfer and set out in a grand adventure where you will be gradually introduced to all of the game’s mechanics.

While Adventure Mode indeed feels like a role-playing game campaign, it’s not as long as some may expect. Depending on your familiarity with golf and the series’ mechanics, it will take between 6 and 8 hours to reach the final boss. A few additional hours may be spent to obtain money to purchase bonus clubs and outfits, but the game hands you so much money, that it probably won’t take too long for you to purchase all of them.

Once you have completed Adventure Mode, there isn’t much in terms of replayability in it. There is no New Game Plus mode, and loading the save file after completing the adventure will make you start right before the final battle, with all your stats and customization choices intact. You can replay all the courses and challenges if you so desire, but the game doesn’t really provide an incentive for doing so.

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