How Long Does it Take to Beat Spiritfarer? – Answered


Spiritfarer is a cozy management game from indie developers Thunder Lotus. The gameplay style follows a narrative about dying.

As the ferrymaster to deceased souls, you’ll build a boat that’ll see you explore the world, caring for your spirit friends so they don’t get lost, and guiding them through mystical oceans before finally setting them free into the afterlife.


Depending on how you play through the game’s commendable storyline, it can take a while to reach the ending. However, it’s worth noting that there are no multiple endings.

Spiritfarer has only one ending, but as post-launch updates are released, there could be a few alterations to the game’s ending. Before you can complete the game and reach the end, you must say your goodbyes to every spirit you’ve picked up along the way.


You must also have fulfilled their requests and successfully led them to their destination to depart to the afterlife. In the process of doing this, you must also discover more about Stella and the world around her.

So how long does it take to beat the game?

If you’re the type of player who focuses mainly on a game’s main objectives or tasks, it should take you about 20 hours to complete Spiritfarer.


However, if you’re one who strives to get 100% completion in a game, you will spend up to 38-40 hours of game time before beating Spiritfarer. Depending on how fast you play and complete tasks, it could take you less than that.

Spiritfarer is available on Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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How Long Does it Take to Beat Spiritfarer? – Answered


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