Terraria Spell Tome

The Spell Tome is one of the hard mode crafting materials in Terraria that is used to craft various items such as crystal storms, cursed flames, golden showers and more.

With that being said, players are always on the hunt for the Spell Tome to craft various items in the game. The Spell Tome was introduced in Terraria’s mobile version during the launch.

For those who don’t know much about it, here’s how they can get Spell Tome in Terraria.

How to get Spell Tome in Terraria

The Spell Tome can be purchased for five golden coins from the Wizard in Terraria. The Wizard is a hard-mode NPC vendor who sells magic-related items. Once the players defect the Wall of Flesh, the Wizard rarely summons in the cavern layer or below.

Terraria players can craft the following items using Spell Tome:

  • Crystal Storm: A magical weapon that fires a slightly spread flood of tiny bouncing crystals.
  • Cursed Flames: A magical weapon that auto fires ricocheting green fireballs that move quite similarly to those Flower of Fire.
  • Golden Shower: A magical weapon that fires an arching piercing golden stream.

In order to enchant them, the players must visit the Bookcase with all of the required items.

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