How Does Chemistry Work in FIFA 23: Chemistry Guide


FIFA is an incredibly popular sports simulation series available for PC and consoles. And in FIFA 23, as always, you have to assemble the best football team in the world. You can invite different world-famous football players to the team. Also, in the game, many different features affect the gameplay. And in this guide, we will tell you how Chemistry works in FIFA 23.

How Does Chemistry Work in FIFA 23

The FIFA series has 30 games. And the latest game called FIFA 23 is already available for purchase. The developers have made several changes to the game to make it even better than the previous one. And one such change concerns the Chemistry feature.

Unlike previous FIFA games, where red, yellow, or green indicators were used to indicate Chemistry, FIFA 23 introduced a points system. For fulfilling certain conditions when creating a squad, you will be able to receive a certain amount of Chemistry Points. And here’s what those conditions look like.

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Chemistry Guide

Chemistry PointsConditions
1 Chemistry PointYou have two players from the same club, region, or nation.
You have three players from the same league.
2 Chemistry PointsYou have five players from the same league, region, or nation.
You have four players from the same club.
3 Chemistry PointsYou have eight players from the same league, region, or country.
You have seven players from the same club.

Thus, consider these conditions when creating a squad, so that there is Chemistry between your players. Players with full Chemistry will have 3 diamonds in the bottom left corner of their brief. Also, in FIFA 23 it doesn’t matter what positions players with Chemistry play. Therefore, if you have fulfilled the conditions, your club will still have Chemistry.

That’s all you need to know about Chemistry in FIFA 23. The new Chemistry feature looks very good, and we hope it will be much more convenient than in past games. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to fix FIFA 23 ‘Secure Boot Is Not Enabled’ Error.

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How Does Chemistry Work in FIFA 23: Chemistry Guide


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