How Do You Make People Faint in Toca Kitchen 2

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While you usually don’t try to make your characters faint in Toca Kitchen 2, there is a seemingly lesser known recipe that you can try out, commonly known as the ‘fainting potion.’ This potion will, quite obviously, make your character faint when they consume it.

The fainting potion works on any of the characters, so if you want to learn how to make people faint in Toca Kitchen 2, then follow the simple steps below!

How to Make the Fainting Potion in Toca Kitchen 2

The very first thing you want to do is open the fridge so that you can take out the raw fish and the octopus tentacle. Then, you need to take these two items and add it into the blender so that you can blend it into a drink.

You may be done with the base drink, but you are barely halfway there. Now, you need to start with the toppings for the drink, which will call for you to head into the toppings menu.

Start with adding lemon into the drink. Then, choose the soy sauce and add it into the drink as well. Next, go ahead and add some ketchup. Once you’re done with that, add some hot sauce too. Boy, we don’t feel too good just imagining the drink at this point.

Now, you’ll want to finish up by adding some mayonnaise (good lord), and finally some salt and pepper. You keep adding in the salt and pepper until you see your character get frightened, which is when you stop.

And there you go, you have the fainting potion ready right in front of you. All you need to do now is let your character drink it and watch him faint. Sadistic, but very funny!

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How Do You Make People Faint in Toca Kitchen 2


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