How Do You Get the Relic Amplifier and What Does it Do in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile collectible RPG game developed by Capital Games and published by Electronic Arts. Galaxy of Heroes allows players to collect Star Wars character, create teams with them, and use them to fight in strategic, turn-based battles which include various progression systems.

One of these progression systems are the Relic Amplifiers, most commonly referred to as Relics. Read on to find out where to get Relic Amplifiers and what they do in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

How to Unlock Relics in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Unlocking Relic Amplifiers is quite the simple task. A character gets their Relics progression system unlocked once they are Level 85 and reach Gear Level 13.

What do Relic Amplifiers do in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?

Each character has a Relic / Relic Amplifier, which acts as a unique item that has a deep connection to them within the Star Wars universe. They can be found in the corner of the in-game character screen.

Once the character reaches Level 85 and Gear Level 13, the Relic system starts letting players add more power to the relic, which then transfers all of that power to the character. While different Relics give unique benefits to each character, every Relic increases the character’s Strength, Agility, and Tactics based attributes.

This, in turn, increases their Health, Armor (twice), Physical Critical Chance, Resistance, Special Damage, and Physical Damage.

Clicking on an unlocked relic will show the power increases it will be adding as well as how much you can get from it at the next level.

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How Do You Get the Relic Amplifier and What Does it Do in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


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