How Do You Get Geodude in Pokemon Quest

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Geodude was one of the very first Pokemon introduced in the Pokemon franchise, making its first appearance in Generation I of the Pokemon mainlines series games. Geodude is a name very familiar to long-time Pokemon fans.

And if you are one of those Pokemon fans who were wondering if Geodude is in Pokemon Quest, then you’re in luck, because it is! Continue reading this guide to find out the details on how to get a Geodude for yourself in Pokemon Quest!

How to Get Geodude in Pokemon Quest?

Geodude can be attracted and caught with the help of the following recipes:

  • Mulligan Stew (Basic)
  • Gray Porridge (Basic)
  • Stone Soup (Basic)
  • Mud Pie (Basic)

As you may have noticed, only the basic versions of these recipes will have a chance of attracting Geodude. Additionally, every recipe has a different percentage chance of attracting Geodude, meaning that you should use a specific dish over the others, if you can.

The Mulligan Stew has the worst chance of attracting a Geodude—4.2%. The Gray Porridge has a decent chance of attracting a Geodude—25%. The Mud Pie has a good chance of attracting a Geodude—33.3%, while the Stone Soup has the highest odds of attracting a Geodude, at a whopping 50% chance.

Incorporate moves such as Rock Throw, Dig, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide for a solid moveset. You can choose between its three abilities, Rock Head, Sturdy, or Sand Veil, each possessing their unique strengths and niches.

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How Do You Get Geodude in Pokemon Quest


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