While playing Minecraft, you have probably noticed more than once that many players are wearing leather armor, the color of which is red, yellow, and even purple. And you may be interested in how to dye leather armor. In this guide, we will give you the answer.

How to Change the Color of Leather Armor

Well, there is nothing complicated here. The only thing you have to do is to make the dyes.

You will need to collect various plants like roses, dandelions, etc. Also, you may need to kill some mobs, for example, octopuses, because you may get ink bags from them, which are needed to get black dyes.

So, in order to get dyes, we put, for example, a rose in the window of the crafting table. You can do the exact same way with a dandelion, but to get a green color, you will need to burn the cactus in the oven.

The only thing is that you can paint only leather, but not diamond, gold, and certainly not iron armor.

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This way, you can get primary colors only. But secondary colors are those that are obtained by combining two primary ones:

  • red + yellow = orange.
  • green + blue = turquoise.
  • red + blue = purple.
  • white + black = gray.
  • red + white = pink.
  • blue + white = light blue.
  • green + white = lime.

And to dye leather armor in Minecraft, put the armor next to the dye of your choice.

This is how you can dye your boots:

And this is how you can get such a nice helmet:

Thus, to update your wardrobe, you only need to make armor, as well as pick up the dye you like. And that’s it, dyed leather armor in Minecraft is ready!

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How Do You Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft? Answered


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